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[Forging Ecological Iron Army] Dahai Forest: Strictly wait to fight the safety of the flood
2024-07-05    Liu Shouhui Wang Xindan    Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Facing the current severe flood prevention situation,Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. "flood" speed action,Strict deployment,Continue checking risk hidden dangers、Improve the emergency plan、Enrich the rescue team、Strengthening material reserves,and actively carry out emergency drills,Building a full range of safety defense lines,Guarantee the safety of the lives and property of the people in the forest area。

"Little rain in the Liuhe Forest Farm,The water level rises 5 cm。"" Southwest Chalin Farm explains today、BC gameRelease of mountain BC Game appflood disasters defense transfer risk aversion ‘understand card’ 34 ”... Since mid -May,Dahai Forestry Bureau's flood control work group,​​Every day is updating various flood prevention work information at the speed of swiping the screen。

To better monitor water and rain love,Dahai Forestry Bureau Company according to the global river distribution and the location characteristics of the forest farms (),Create 7 new water rain love monitoring sites、3 geological disaster monitoring points,Monitor remote transmission real -time screen through video surveillance,Timely grasp the changes in the water level of the river in time、River embankment situation。At the same time,Each forest farm has a special person to check the water level in the river waters every day and report to the flood control headquarters in time,further improve BC gamethe accuracy and BC gametimeliness of early warning forecast。

Provide water and rain information precisely,It's just a item in strengthening the flood prevention work of the Haiyin Bureau。Dahai Forestry Bureau Company also communicates with communication、The warning system has been fully upgraded,New communication system video Yilian (small fish) 40、27 satellite telephones、5、25 Presidential Pressure Power Supply,and equip for at least two generators for each forest field (office) in advance,The use of the relay platform of the Tower and the Forest Farm () Radio。

To implement the responsibility,Member of the leadership team of the Dahai Forestry Bureau、Resource Supervision Commissioner Leving in Command、Sinking front line,Divided into the grassroots units for field inspection、On -site office,Further strengthening defense measures,Fully grasp the implementation BC gameof various tasks of flood prevention and BC gamedisaster mitigation,Weaving dense security defense line,Make sure the forest area is stable and flood。

"Before the flood season came,We carried out the knowledge training of 2024 flood control drought resistance business,19 newly established 19 anti -flood rescue rescue professional teams,and the two flood -resistant rescue rescue reserve teams carried out risk recognition、Dangerous Love、Emergency Command、Plan and other basic business training,Constantly improving the ideological quality and professional ability level of flood control teams。"Xu Yanmin, deputy minister of the Forest Fire Department of Dahai Forestry Bureau Company, said。

At the same time,Dahai Forestry Bureau Company is still based on possible breaks that may be triggered、Power off、Broken water、The "Four Broken" small probability of broken communication、Big risk situation,Multiple simulation bc game casinoactual combat、BC Game appDesktop deduction、Case Reunion and other emergency drills,Continuous inspection and adjustment of the operability of the flood prevention plan,Continuous improvement of the emergency rescue ability of the flood prevention team。

Current,Dahai Forestry Bureau Company set up a total of 34 emergency shelters,Make 54 signs of refuge venues、360 shelter transfer signs,Establish 22 reserve warehouses,46,000 storage bag categories、Club 16,000 square meters,Other supplies also have sufficient reserves,It provides a strong guarantee for the safety flood this year。

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