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[Ecological Ecological Enterprise] Shanhe Tun: Open full horsepower! "Acceleration"
2024-07-05    Cui Dongbo    Shanhetun Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
In order to solidly promote the construction of the issue of issuance of the Treasury bond project,Shanhetun Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. grabbed the sunny weather,Open full horsepower、Dadan fast up,A busy scene at the construction site of fire emergency urgency road,BC Game appProject construction constantly refresh the "progress bar"。


"During the construction process,All staff members of the forest farm placed safety production and forest fire prevention in important positions,In -depth construction front line,Keep an eye on key parts、Strictly keep the ecological red line,Make sure the project construction does not damage the ecological environment,Do not cause forest fire,No production safety accidents。"The head of the forest farm of Shanhe Tun Bureau Wang Jianguo said。
Constitution is a decisive battle,Starting instant sprint。To further grab the construction period,Shanhe Tun Bureau BC Game appCompany Turn Thought、Fine Management、Strong service,Staff work overtime,Take early start1、Real recruitment、Communication、Quickly handle and other methods,Focusing on key links and key nodes,Make sure that all links of the project are tightly buckled、Pressing Pressing。Establish a one -day docking、Follow up one week、A job mechanism of a scheduling,Actively communicate BC gamewith the construction party,Timely understanding existing problems,Create a question ledger、Question list,Solution one by one。Establish a list of responsibilities at the same time,Signed the responsibility state with the construction unit,Make sure the pressure layer of conduction、Construction Project "No Card Shell"。

"We will resolutely in accordance with the" Regulations on Quality Management of Construction Engineering "during construction,Reasonable arrangement of construction plan,Internal materials will also be performed simultaneously with the progress of the project,Seize the construction period,Build a full -scale issuance of national debt projects into a boutique project。"Zhao Liang, the project manager of the Provincial Longjian Road Bridge Second Engineering Co., Ltd. told reporters。

    "We will keep an eye bc game apkon the target task,Formulate timetable、Roadmap,inverted construction period、Motor chart combat,Go all out to build a high -quality road for the fire emergency road and post -disaster recovery project、Fumin Road、Satisfaction Road、Rest assured road。"" Shanhetun Bureau Company Party Secretary、Chairman Liu Huagao said。

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