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【Powerfulness and turn to implement the wind】 Mu Emperor: Carry out the theme party day activity of "Protecting Mother River Party Members"
2024-06-11    Liu Boyan    Mu Emperor Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Recently,Mu Emperor Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Party Committee Organizing Party Member Cadres to carry out the theme party day event of "Protecting Mother Hei Party Members",Timely clean up the mud of the Muqiang River embankment、debris and domestic garbage,BC Game appBuilding a flood prevention "Safety Embankment",Co -guard green home。

The location of this event is selected as the second floor of the west bank on the west bank of the Mulang River,Due to the chaos here,A large amount of garbage stasis accumulation,Mechanical cleanup is difficult,Can only adopt artificial dredging。

In the event,Full spirit of party members and cadres、Cooperative tacit understanding、Cooperative tacit understanding,Carry out the work of cleaning up mud in the Heat。Some handheld iron shovel pose of mud,Some wave heads to remove the root of the tree,Some pick up the rake to clean the branches,Some bowed over and cleaned up the debris ... sweat has long BC Game appbeen soaked with placket,But everyone’s labor enthusiasm is not diminished,Give full play to the Communist Party members who are not afraid of dirty、Not afraid of suffering、Pioneer model of not afraid of tired,Use actual actions to contribute to flood prevention work。


"Keep this side of the blue water with your own meager strength,Is our responsibility。"The participating party members are filled with smiles on their faces。

After a day of tense labor,The appearance of the river embankment is new,The ecological environment and the surrounding living environment of the Muqiang River have been significantly improved。At the same time,Party members and cadres BC Game appactively mobilize employees and masses to participate in the river protection operations,Guiding employees to fight for environmental protection practitioners and propagandists。

This activity not only improved the ecological environment of the Muqiang River and the surrounding ecological environment,It also further demonstrates the role of the combat fortress of grass -roots party organizations。Everyone said,Take this activity as an opportunity,Give full play to the role of the pioneer of party members,Contribute to the construction of mountains and clear water and Mimimo。

Next,Mu Emperor Company will closely focus on "grab the grassroots、Basis、Strong implementation、See the effectiveness BC Game app"activity requirements,Actively carry out various formal theme party day activities,Constantly improving the ability of party members, cadres and employees to perform duties,Improve work quality and efficiency,Promoting deepening ability and style construction towards in -depth。

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