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【Talent Strong Enterprise】 Longjiang Mori Group held a training course for the 2024 major engineering project construction management personnel
2024-06-07        The Ministry of Engineering Construction of Longjiang Mori Industry Group

To further consolidate the basic work of project management,Grasp the key links of the project management,Institutionalization of BC Game appBC Game appthe construction management of engineering projects、Standardized、programmatic,June 3rd to 4th,Longjiang Senong Group held a training course for the 2024 major engineering project construction management personnel。



Training special invitation to Heilongjiang Water Conservancy Hydropower Group、Chongqing China Communications Chongqing Yuxi City Construction Development Co., Ltd. and other units and other units and other units and other units around the units around the safety management、Project quality control、Project progress management、Internal information BC gamebc game apksorting and management, give them special lectures。Training is in -depth、It is easy to understand,It has strong practicality and pertinence,、Greed up the work of various business managers、Deepening the study and understanding of the core business of the full process of key project construction has played a good guidance and helping role,Lowed a solid foundation for the construction of the group's next key project。

During the training process,All students consciously abide by the training discipline,Actively communicate and interact with lecturers BC Game appbc game apkwith lecturers,The learning atmosphere is very warm。Students have expressed,will take this training as an opportunity,Continuously strengthen business learning,Rich project management knowledge,Open project management vision,Comprehensively improve business management capabilities,The theory learned、Method、Skills are actively used in actual work,Contributions to the construction of major engineering projects in the group。

Training class takes on -site+videos to perform。Related managers related to major engineering projects BC Game appof various bc game apkforestry bureaus Co., Ltd.、Relevant managers and technicians of supervision companies、A total of 455 people from the relevant managers of the construction unit project department participated in the training。

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