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【Ecological Enterprise】 Suiyang: Grasp the flood prevention and flood and build a safe dam
2024-06-06    Qin Gang Xin Xin    Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Do a good job of doing a good job of preparation of flood control this year,Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. early deployment、Preparations early,Actively organize the mountain forest field (office) to implement various precautions in advance,Building a full -scale safety dike。


BC game"Everyone should pay more attention to the weather ..." "Timely dredging the drainage ditch in front of the house ..." "Timely move in time when there are leaks ..." These days,The Shandong Operation Center of Suiyang Bureau, located on the banks of Xiao Suifenhe, fully entered the flood prevention and flood preparation period,Secretary of the Party Branch of the Operation Institute Guo Baojun and other staff are busy conducting publicity during the flood season of the people,and focus、Notification of residents near the river,Effectively improve the awareness of safety precautions in the districts。


At the same time,Operations bc game casinoalso organize personnel and hook machines to pair bridge caves、River Channel、The dam was cleaned、Dredging and reinforcement,Effective emergency preparation。As of now,Two Hook machines of Shadong Operation Office,Cleaning more than 1,000 extension rice,Excess of more than 100 people to clear the drainage canal,Loan more than 1,200 bags of sandbags。

Follow -up, carefully investigate to ensure the quality of communication."Said to Hewan section of the section of Sandong to Hewan section to complete the supporting reinforcement,Baliping to Xiangling section lines must be completed and replaced ... "Recently,Sun Degang, bc game apkManager of the Communications Operation Branch of Suiyang Bureau Company, is taking a walkie -talkie to direct work。


To ensure the flow of communication during the flood season,Communication Business Branch organized personnel to replace personnel in the flood season in advance、Operating training on the subjects such as equipment maintenance and rack increase,Comprehensively improve the operation level of staff。Since entering the flood preparation period,Correspondence Branch according to the local soil quality、Humidity、Line and equipment conditions,Formulate a special plan,Organize staff to focus bc game apkon tackling,The line inspection of the Suiyang area has been completed,Reinforcement of the backing、The communication pole of the river area,Comprehensively ensure the security and smoothness of communication during the flood season。

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