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【Industrial Wealthy Enterprise】 Jiamusi Wood Company: The first stubble fungus is a good harvest
2024-06-06    Li Jiahui Zhao Yue    Jiamusi Wood Comprehensive Processing Co., Ltd.

Now,Enter the first fungus industry base of Morimon Jiamusi Wood Comprehensive Processing Co., Ltd.,Bionic black fungus ushered in the peak season of picking bc game casinothis year,BC gameNearly 10,000 meters of free venue,A row of neatly stipulated fungus,Fat black fungus looks like a black butterfly densely growing around the wooden section,trembling micro、Fat Dudu,Very attractive and love。

To complete the first fungus grabbing,The company has 20 or thirty people every day for picking homework,Workers shuttle at the harvest site,Skilledly picking a blossoming fungus,A good harvest busy scene。With a barrel of "Black Butterfly", transmitted to the drying net,Everyone's face is full of joy of harvest。


bc game casino review"BC gameBlack fungus is one of the company's first industrial projects,In order to ensure the outcomes,We take morning and evening watering、24 -hour ventilation、Weeding、Manage the way of turning the section,It coincides with the recent rainwater,Fungus is good,The ear -out rate has reached 100%。"Zhang Chuanyi, the person in charge of the company Tianbaolin Farm。

This year,Jiamusi Wood Comprehensive Processing Co., Ltd. shall be deployed in accordance with the Group's Party Committee's "Industrial Project bc game apkBreakthrough Year" deployment bc game apkrequirements,By revitalizing state -owned idle assets、Purchase the beylum section of the local forestry breeding,Under the guidance of professional and technical personnel,Vigorously develop the bionic black fungus industry。

"Bionic black fungus has certain technical standards and technological content,Georpal quality and taste superior,is a high -end product in catering ingredients,It is expected that the first black fungus will be picked for 2 days,After 15 days, you can then pick the BC gamesecond stubble,It is expected BC Game appthat the production and picking cycle of the entire fungus section is 6 stubborn,End of the picking work this year in early August。"Zhang Chuanyi said.

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