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[Minsheng Building Enterprise] Zhanhe: Xiaoxiao Grid WeChat group plays the role of the people
2024-06-05    Gao Cong Sang Jingbo    Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

"The noise upstairs is a little noisy,Affecting me to rest ... "Recently,Ms. Li, the resident of Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., released a WeChat for help in the WeChat grid group。Ms. Li, who has been pregnant for more than 5 months, is afraid of moving and quiet,Some slight sounds of the residents upstairs,It will also affect her rest。Grid officer after understanding this,Arrive at the scene for the first time,Actively communicate with residents,Patient to do everyone’s ideological work,Soon the two parties reached each other in the mediation of the grid staff。


bc game casino reviewIn recent years,To accurately understand the needs of the grassroots,Timely respond to the concern of the masses,Zhanhe Bureau Company established 73 grid WeChat service groups according to the community,Normalization of service through the grid service、Points of people,solve problems for employees and masses、Termination,Constantly consolidate the foundation of grassroots governance,Steady on the happiness of employees and masses in the forest area。

The environment of the community is related to the quality of life in the forest area。A few days ago,Some residents reported in the grid WeChat service group that someone stacked the waste from the scavenger in the community,It affects environmental hygiene,There is a certain hidden safety hazard。Community grid length、Comprehensive governor、Grid members actively communicate with residents,Patiently and meticulously do ideological bc game casino reviewwork,and clean up the waste,Timely resolving the troubles of residents,Get unanimous praise from the residents。

Effective solution to the "Difficulty" problem of environmental sanitation in the community,Drive more residents to actively participate in the construction of a harmonious and beautiful home,Environmental improvement work has won the hearts of the people,Gathering popularity。


Grid members also regularly push the people's policy through WeChat group、Convenience information,Publicity、Consultation work,and feedback to answer the various questions raised by the residents at any time,Not only improves work efficiency,Make convenience services more intimate。

According to statistics,Since the establishment of a grid WeChat service group at the beginning of the year,Zhanhe Bureau Company Collection of more than 30 social conditions and public opinion,15 suggestions for rationalization BC Game appof residents,mediation civil dispute 7,Provide an elderly allowance certification、Survival investigation certification and other services for nearly 50 times,Feedback of people's livelihood demands 178 pieces。

Deep deepening of people's livelihood services、Doing really、Do fine,The Sub -district Office of Zhanhe Bureau has designed and produced 1340 grid publicity plates,Paste it in the conspicuous position in the corridor of each unit of the community。The content of the publicity not only contains the grid area、Message information,It also involves civil affairs、Power supply、Public Security、Fire、Power supply、Heating and other information that is closely related to the lives of residents,Residents can view the relevant content at any time,Understand the processing process of various businesses。

"With the grid publicity plate,It is convenient to get information,You BC Game appcan communicate in advance before handling matters,No need to run the wrong way。"Sister Li Li said。

A "net" includes all districts,Many "grids" cover the people's livelihood。Next,Zhanhe Bureau will continue to integrate people's livelihood、respond to the need for people's livelihood、Cracking the people's livelihood trapped,Continue focusing on people's livelihood、Precision Force,Urotching in a grid,Relying on the "small grid" of residents to build a "big platform",Attentive、Love、Do a good job of people's livelihood,Use a detailed "rule" into the "micro" grid service,Continue to "overtime" for the happiness of residents。

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