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[Forging Ecological Iron Army] Reed River、Xinglong: Tighten the flood prevention "safety strings" to carry out "Longwei 2024" flood prevention emergency drill
2024-06-04    Hu Zhengqiang Jiao Dezhi    Rehe, Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Do a good job of solid work this year's flood prevention and flood preparation,According to the relevant work deployment requirements of the group party committee,Recent,Reed River、Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. launched the "Longwei 2024" flood prevention emergency drill。


"Pay attention to each group,The exercise starts! "As the instruction is issued,Rehe River Bureau "Longwei 2024" flood prevention emergency drill kicks off。

Discipline simulation scenes are rainfall in a row for many consecutive days,The critical value of alarm rain in the subordinates of the bureau's site,The water level of the river bc game casino reviewcontinues to rise,The risk of the dyke。The Flood Control Rescue Rescue Team of Rehe Bureau immediately launched an emergency plan,Displaying the soldiers、charge boat、UAV、Construction Machinery and Medical Rescue、Power communication guarantee and other types of rescue and rescue equipment。Her member units closely cooperate,Tight collaboration,Comprehensively demonstrated the forecast、Research and judgment、Decision、Various tasks in rescue links such as personnel transfer,Fully tested the emergency response ability of flood prevention and rescue rescue team、Unity and collaboration ability。During 90 minutes of exercise,Uniform scheduling of members of each unit participating members、Cooperative tacit understanding、calm calm,successfully completed various rescue tasks。


Starting from the perspective of the whole exercise,Set up the business judgment、Early warning response、Command scheduling、Emergency transfer of the masses、River embankment dangerous bc game apkdisposal、The trapped person rescued、More than 10 subjects such as first aid for the wounded。Through exercise,further improved the emergency linkage mechanism in the state of natural disasters such as sudden mountain floods、Rescue cooperation mechanism、Equipment and material deployment guarantee mechanism、Grassroots group defense group treatment mechanism,Effectively improved the practical level of the emergency rescue team of the Rehe Bureau in the anti -flood rescue work、Comprehensive disposal ability of emergency rescue。  

Next,Rehe Bureau will always adhere to the people's first、The concept of life first,Implement the requirements of the Group's "Safety Responsibility Implementation Year" work deployment requirements,Enhance the level and ability of flood prevention and flood preparation,The ability to improve flood prevention emergency response and the actual combat ability of the rescue and disaster relief team,Correcting flood prevention liability,Implement the responsible subject,Eliminate the safety of BC Game appthe lives and property of the majority of residents in the forest area。


At the same time,Xinglong Bureau Company also carried out the "Longwei 2024" flood control emergency practical exercise。

The exercise takes the emergence of mountain flood disasters to operate in the Taiping as the background,Attorney Duty staff on the Dathand of the Taiping Operation Institute is monitored after the flood situation,The headquarters immediately starts the flood anti -rescue emergency plan,Command scheduling Peace Forest Fire Professional Team、The rescue team of the Taiping Operation Office、Medical and other emergency rescue personnel rushed to the scene of rescue disaster relief。

During the exercise,Everyone is clear for division of labor、Pocket cooperation,Emergency evacuation and transfer to the masses to refuge; set up alert、Blind the reinforcement of the river outlets; use the use of drones to set the function to put emergency supplies to trapped persons on the other bank of the river ...、Quick action、Safe and order,Reached the expected effect of the exercise。


bc game casino reviewThrough this exercise,Improving the awareness of flood prevention and flood resistance and flood prevention and drought -resistant command of flood prevention and drought prevention of flood control emergency disposal command capabilities,improved relevant departments、The unit should deal with emergencies、Dangerous actual combat coordination ability and rescue emergency teams at all levels to fight flood rescue combat capabilities,It has reached "acting" to build defense、The effect of preparation for "practice",Lay a solid foundation for the solid work of flood control and flood resistance this year。

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