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[Industry Rich Companion] Linkou: The first goose chicks enters the "new home"
2024-06-04    Ni Haipeng Liu Chengqi    Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

"Gaggag ..." With the sound of a happy goose with a sound,Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.'s first batch of goose chicks officially out of the shed,Each forest farm breeding base comes to get the goose chick staff, you take the basket、I take the box,All of them are too busy,Welcome to the new home in the new home。


According to the deployment requirements of the Group's "Breakthrough of Industrial Project",Linkou Bureau Company surveyed by multiple parties,Scientific planning and reasonable layout of the Big Graphic Breeding bc game casinoIndustry Project for local conditions,Fully created a full -chain big goose breeding system for incubation base+breeding base+breeding base,Constantly promoting the large goose breeding industry to realize the scale change from centralized breeding to multi -point flowering,Effectively promoting the group's "one product, one product", "one game, one industry" strategy solidly landed。

"Don't worry,Credit in order! "Release the scene at the goose chick,Staff plays the table、stool,Comparison of Form,One person is responsible for "call",One person is responsible for issuing signing,A methodically distributed goose chicks to the forest farm breeding bases。 


This year,Linkou Bureau Company organized a total of 500,000 geese breeding big geese in various grass -roots forest farms,and through "Sending Technology、Free service、Sending epidemic bc game casinoprevention、Send Guidance "and other measures,Solid -promoting scale、Standardization、Ecological goose breeding,Really make the big goose breeding industry a member of the Linkou Bureau company participation、Featured pillar industries carried out in the whole area。

"Everyone pays attention! Get goose chicks to feed quantitative after returning,Less feeding diligence,At first, you can feed ‘corn noodles+feed’,After 5 days, you can add finely added vegetables。Small goose activity venues should keep the environment dry、Clean,Pay attention to keeping warm and moisture -proof and freezing,After 20 days, the water temperature is appropriate,You can play in the water by yourself "。Division on the goose chicks,Big Goose Breeding Technician Tian Changyu kept telling the staff who came to get the goose chicks。


To welcome the first batch of small geese to bc game casinocheck in,Forest Fields of Linkou Bureau Company Complete Construction Facilities、The high -standard goose house with complete function,Powding straw in the shed in advance、Reserve feed、Installation automatically gives the water tank、Feeder,Combined with the actual situation of recent rain and low temperature weather,Warmed the goose house in advance、Insulation,Doing and doing details,Make sure that the little geese can live on a warm and comfortable "new home"。 

With the arrival of a car with a car,Staff at each forest farm breeding base is also busy,Unloading the truck、Moving、Counting、column ... After a day of nervousness,successfully completed the first batch of small geese check -in work,Look at a lively goose in the breeding base,Everyone's face is filled with the joy of success,More confidence in the future of the big goose breeding industry。

bc game casino"Look at these lively small goose,We are particularly excited,To ensure the healthy growth of these little guys,We have organized many times to participate in the big goose breeding training class organized by breeding personnel,Through learning practice,Let everyone gradually master the scientific breeding methods and management skills,We have confidence、Determine,Raise the little goose、Raise it,Let Big Goose Breeding a 'New Power of Power "to promote the high -quality development of enterprises"。Wang Yi, Secretary of the Party Branch of Linkou Bureau's Victory Institute, said。

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