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【Fa Discipline Governance】 Reminder of integrity of the Dragon Boat Festival
2024-06-04        Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

粽,Qingfeng protects integrity。2024 Dragon Boat Festival is coming,In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government,Resolutely curb the "Four Winds" rebound back,Focus on creating a festive atmosphere with a positive and clear air,The party committee of the group reminds all party members and cadres and employees to effectively improve their political standing,String of tight discipline rules at all times,Eliminate "holiday corruption",Integrity、Civilization、Thruster、Security、Green Festival。

a、Tree fresh wind,Banned by order。Nodes are test sites,Group party members and cadres and public officials must always adhere to discipline rules,To prohibit the order,Resolutely achieve "ten prohibited": It is strictly forbidden to borrow the opportunity of the festival,Under the guise of "human relationship", high -end bc game casinobc game casinotobacco and alcohol tea、Sky price rice dumplings、Electronic red envelope、Shopping card and other gifts,Resolutely resist the hedonal and extravagant wind behind the luxury packaging;、Traveling out、During the business travel or local friends, a friend's party,Accept the next unit illegal、Private business main banquets; strictly prohibit the issuance of festival benefits or allowance subsidies in violation of regulations;、Private car public or illegal rental vehicles; it is strictly forbidden to operate marriage and funeral and funerals illegally and take the opportunity to collect money; it is strictly forbidden to organize illegal public funds、Public funds tourism; it is strictly forbidden to organize and participate in feudal superstition activities such as disciplinary and violations; it is strictly forbidden to participate in or support low -level interest such as gambling and entertainment; it is strictly forbidden to reduce work standards during the festival,Discount、Differential,Regardless of the actual "one -size -fits -all"、layer layers,No inaction,Disgusting people -style inspection、Show -style survey、Postering condolences, etc.; It is strictly forbidden to violate the duty class system,Dating person -on BC gamebc game casino-duty personnel can not leave the post without permission。Persist in the quality from the small sections of small things,Strictly self -cultivation,Anti -Micro Du Jie,Consciously building a style of rejection of corruption and anti -change "firewall",Establish a fresh air。

2、heavy prevention,Pressing responsibility。The festival atmosphere is party members and cadres、An important window for employees and masses to experience party style and corporate style,Party organizations at all levels of the group must press and tighten the actual subject responsibility,Take the opportunity of party discipline learning and education,Entry -thorough understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening work style construction,Combining the study of party discipline and party regulations with the "Regulations of State -owned Enterprise Management Personnel",Accurately grasp the characteristics of the forest area and the actual situation of the unit department,Arrange the deployment of festivals to correction "Four Winds" tree new wind work。"First Leader" must resolutely carry the responsibility of the first responsible person,Strict to self BC Game appbc game casino review-discipline、Strict responsibility、The jurisdiction of the strict manager,Other members of the leadership team must carefully fulfill the "one position and two responsibilities",Take the lead in integrity and self -discipline,Strict self -constraint,Strengthen the Education Management Supervision of Party Member Cadres,By taking reminders、Method of making work prompts and other methods to make a integrity "prevention needle",Guide the majority of party members and cadres to know the awe、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line,Stay away from "Holiday Disease"。

3、Correction "Four Winds",Strict investigation。The group's discipline inspection agencies should pay close attention to the specific performance of the inconsistent wind and corruption of the masses at the critical time node,Focus on "Key Minority"、Key links、Key links,Comprehensive use of clear inspection and unannounced visits、Random spot check、Assault inspection and other methods,Focus on investigating and dealing with illegal delivery and delivery festivals、Outstanding questions such as illegal eating and drinking。Continue to increase the investigation and punishment of the bc game casino revieweight central regulations BC Game appduring the festival and its implementation rules,For somehow、No hand、No convergence,Resolutely attitude of "zero tolerance",Fight on the appearance of the died wind violations,Discovered together、Strictly investigate and deal with them together,Never tolerate。Increase the exposure of typical case notification,Digging the interests behind the "Four Winds"、Power money transactions and other questions,Resolutely not given the wind and rot integration opportunity,Continuous release of comprehensive and strict、One strict to the end,Ji Ji will be Yan、A strong signal that must be checked in disciplinary violations,Ensure that the wind is clear during the festival。

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The Communist Party of China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.

June 3, 2024

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