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[Ten years of stopping Mori Gong] Dahai Forest: Ten years! Pens of Perseverance of Ecological Protection Painted the New Painting of the Beautiful Forest District
2024-06-03    Liu Shouhui Wang Xindan    Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

 Different day and night in time,Connect the past and the future,Remember the mission and responsibility。

 Call the clock back to April 1, 2014,That day,Heilongjiang Provincial Key State -owned Forest Area Stop Natural Forest Commercial Promotion,

"Modernization of Harmony of Man and Nature", "Protect the Ecological Environment like protecting the eyes", "Green Water and Qingshan is the golden mountains and silver mountains" sounding sounds.。

 For ten years,Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. has always placed the protection of the ecological environment in primary position,Always build a large ecological pattern as the main line,Continue to play the "ecological practice" in the Linhai Daoli。


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Name of Jinxiu Mountain River,Extraordinary ten years as evidence,During ten years,Dahai Forestry Bureau Company entered the forest sustainable operation、Comprehensively strengthen the new stage of forest resources protection,Forest coverage increased from 95.1%in 2014 to 95.89%at the end of 2023; the forest accumulation increased from 28.667 million cubic meters in 2014 to 33.852 million cubic meters at the end of 2023; Reduce to 339.91 hectares。

Guided by Xi Jinping's ecological civilization as the guidance,A group of sets of data interpret the sea forests in mind the "big of the country",Practicing the mission of "born due to forests, because of forests".

During ten years,Dahai Forestry Bureau Company actively explores and improves the "forest long+" work mechanism,Carry out "Bright Sword Protection Green" Forest Forest Forests,Vigorously promote the construction and publicity work of the forest system,Constantly strengthen the construction of the management and protection team,Strictly implement the two -level forest responsibility of the "Forestry Bureau -Forest Farm" and the "Forestry Bureau -Forestry Farm (Institute) -Management and Protection Station -Ecological Forestrome",Form the "first -level grasping level,layers of implementation "work pattern,established "Drone+Forest Fire、UAV+Harmatic Biological Prevention、Drone+Tube and Patrol Patrol "" Air (Satellite Remote Sensing)+Sky (UAV)+Earth (Management and Protection Station、Checking Station、Oblywa)+Human (Ecological Forest) "integrated management and protection mode,Realizing the innovative development bc game casinobc game casino reviewof forestry resources protection。Since 2019, helicopters have been used to prevent and control forestry harmful creatures,and established a strategic cooperation relationship with Northeast Forestry University,Completion of the advantages of both parties,Carrying out joint research,Technical problems encountered in the development of forestry industry,With the help of college social service functions,Help the high -quality development of the economy in the forest area。

Wang Lintong is a "two generations of Lin",After graduating from the technical school, he became a firefire player in the forest field,He is responsible for guarding the safety of forest resources at the same time,It has also witnessed changes in the forest area.。"Now that technology is progressing,UAV technology has been widely promoted and applied,UAV can cruise in 24 hours,Infrared thermal imaging、Laser measurement、Shout at high altitude、Image real -time transmission and other functions,Effectively make up for the monitoring blind spot of ground patrol,Quickly arrive for the fire team、Quickly extinguish,Implement ‘early、Playing a small、Played "to provide a powerful guarantee。"Watch the drone of the automatic cruise,Wang Lintong is extremely emotional。

Improvement of the ecological environment,further enhanced the ecological function of forest resources,Protect the diversity of wild animals,strongly maintained the vitality health of the forest ecosystem,The inhabitation and reproduction of wild animals created a safe and livable ecological homeland。

Since 2017,March and late March,Retired employee Sun is busy and happy,Because this is when the waves are thawed,It is also when the Chinese autumn sand duck "check in" the waves。"China Autumn Sand Duck has high requirements for the ecological environment and water quality,Before stopping,Can't find their figures along the coast of the waves。"Sun Jielie said,This is the sign of the optimization of ecological environment in the forest area。This year he also captured the figure of Oriental Baiji,The number of Chinese autumn sand ducks has also increased from two or three when he first discovered to more than 150 many families。

Now,In the industrial area of ​​the Dahai Forestry Bureau Company,National First -level Protection Animal Siberian Tiger、White、Chinese autumn sand ducks and other wild animals appear frequently。Shob、Black Bear、Gold Carving、Yellow Monkey Mink and other national second -level protective wildlife and wild boar、Grasson also often appears in mountains or wetland waterfronts,The number of wild animals population is steadily increased。 

bc game casino reviewBC game"Forestry investigators ran between the mountains all year round,Before stopping,I can hardly see wild animals,Now when we go up the mountain for investigation,All walking together,I often see wild boars、Black Bear and other animals,Sometimes I can see the footprint of the tiger,This shows that the forest resources are improved after the stopping,The ecological environment has improved,Not only our living standard is high,Even wild animals have settled in our forest area。"" Although at work with danger,But seeing the ecology continues to improve,Forestry Investigation Planning and Design Team Captain Shao Jijun is still very happy。


Painted the green development scroll of "keeping innovation and ecological transformation"

Calendar pages over page,The scroll of time records the ecological rice of the Hailin people to eat ecological rice、The changes in the era of playing green cards。

Li Qiutong was a soldier,Veterans returned to the Dahai Forestry Bureau Company Qifeng Forest Farm,Become a member of the Forestry Running Army,Work experience for nearly 30 years,Let him witness the historic transformation from the Mori Gonglin District from the cutting to the stop to the forest。

Before stopping,The J50 tractor team where Li Qiutong is located,Can complete 2000 meters to 3000 meters of wood production tasks per year。Since 1995, I have been engaged in collecting materials,Li Qiutong once thought that the production of wood production can be "lifetime"。After stopping,,Li Qiutong transfer to the second entrepreneurs,Develop the economy under the forest,Put the road to get rich by planting black fungus。Employees of forest areas who used to support their families,Now protecting forests,Not only does the salary income not diminished,and through the development of multiple operations,Another income,Life is more and more tasteful,More dignified and more dignified。

Shao Jijun,Longjiang craftsman、More than 20 years of working in forestry survey and design team,He said that he still remembers the worry when he heard the news of stopping the news: "I feel that the work of our forestry investigator is over。"" "After stopping the cut,Shao Jijun and his colleagues have undergone ideological transformations from the transition from the survey of cutting forest to protect forest resources,Forestry investigation work not only ended,Instead, it is more representative and scientific,It is also even more meaningful: "Now go to the mountain survey, you can no longer see the scene of a large piece of forest,Afforestation in front of you、Scenes of forest breeding,There are more trees on the mountain,It looks stronger than the original,The bc game casino reviewarea BC gameand accumulation of forest resources achieve dual growth,The protection of forest resources after stopping has achieved a certain effect,Ecological benefits、Social benefits、Economic benefits have improved a certain increase,The living standard of employees has been improved。”

Jiang Chunxia,Erlanghe Forest Field Family Hotel Owners,After marrying from 1990 to the Erlang River Forest Farm,Always engaged in wood production、Yinglin production work,She has raised pigs,Plant fungus。After stopping,,Jiang Chunxia saw that the Twin Peak Forest Farm tourism industry, which is only one mountain, has been rising,She took the lead in renovating the 60 -square -meter house after the house renovation for catering and accommodation,Started a second entrepreneurial,The income of the year exceeded 10,000 yuan。Jiang Chunxia, ​​who tasted the sweetness, turned the old house again,The better the house is covered, the better,The reception ability is getting stronger,2024 Tourism Day Received more than 70 tourists,Jiang Chunxia is more confident in the future。

Now,Enter Lishugou Nursery,12 grafting technicians are two sets of people scattered on the seedbed operation road,Skilled manner of more than 60,000 to 6 years of red pine nutrition cup seedlings。"Under normal circumstances,Red pine seedlings take more than 17 years to reach the results period,and the grafted red pine seedlings can bear results in about 7 years,10 years in advance,Can better gain economic benefits。"Li Yuanguang, deputy director of the nursery company of the Dahai Forestry Bureau company, who is working on the scene, talked about the advantage of Hongsong grafting。

People live up to Qingshan,Qingshan is not available,Dahai Forestry Bureau Company continues to magnify and exerts ecological advantages,Focus on creating an ecological tourism industry base,Continuously enhances the "face value" of green water and green mountains,"Value" of Dacin Mountain Yinshan。2024 Winter Travel Season,Xuexiang Scenic Area opened for 98 days,Cumulative receiving 1.3 million tourists,Revenue of 199.6 million yuan。


Painted ecological civilization scrolls that "serve the people and the forest city"

Green Water 逶迤,Blue Mountains open。Ecological environment is closely related to the people's lives,The good ecological environment is the most inclusive people's livelihood。

Dahai Forestry Bureau Company actively practiced the concept of green development,"Protection、Green、Increased quality、Efficiency "is the main line,Give the overall force to promote the greening and beautification of the forest area,Improve the quality of greening and beautification,Efforts to build a garden -style BC gamelivable beautiful Xinlin District。

BC gameEarly summer season,Breeze and Breeze,Sky Blue Water Bi。In Liuhe Forest Farm,More than 600 new planting fruit trees welcomes the wind,White flowers bloom on the branches。Nearly hectare of orchard、More than 5,000 gold leaf elm、Royal Begonia、Red Song、birch、Water Qu Liu、Joe of more than ten varieties including Dijin、Irrigation,Tengben plant,Make this Liuhe Forest Farm, which has been raged in the flood, glows with vitality。In the area of ​​the family of Lishougou,A row of more than 10,000 pork flavor seeds in a row of rows has been newly planted in the new green。On a 500 -meter -long landscape street in the Hongqi Forest Farm,Pink Diamond Begonia and Golden Leaf Elm in the blooming trees、Light Plum Kida Mei、The green cloud ball constitutes a spring fullness、Colorful "Spring Map" ...

Greening and beautifying equivalent,Green and protecting green,Spring 2024,A total of 17808 plants in the global plant,5009 shrubs,Hea 1531 extended rice,16300 plants of Tengben,Efforts to realize the "spring with flowers、Xia Yin、Autumn has fruit、Winter Green "Green Lumps。

"Wood Finance", which was dominated by cutting, became the "forest finance" of ecological enterprises,The development method is not only the development method,More importantly, people's livelihood is improved。

"Previous,We all pour the garbage into the trash can beside the road,Sometimes a winding plastic bag is full of flying,Some residents think that the road is far away to the roadside at the door of the house,Very unsightly。It's okay now,Forest Farm to collect garbage every day,This is very convenient for everyone。"Mr. Zhang, who lives in Lihe Forest Farm, sincerely admires。

Clear garbage、Change of board sticks、A removing weeds、Voluals,From "not used to" to "new fashion" to "good habit",Green and low -carbon environmental protection operations have become trend in the sea forest area,Green lifestyle gradually penetrates people's hearts。

Time is engraved with immortality,Struggle achievement eternity。All cadres and employees of the company company will always maintain the strength of "break"、The spirit of "fight"、The courage of "creation",Strive to write high -quality development ecological answers,Write excellent achievements in every river that trek、Each mountain that is over,Each footprint written on the way forward、Every moment of struggle,Written on Kangzhuang Avenue, which is constructed to build a modern Xinton Gongxin Forest District。

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