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【Ecological Enterprise】 Longjiang Mori Group: 708,000 mu of afforestation and greening tasks are fully completed
2024-06-11    Wang Tianchi    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
The reporter learned from the Ministry of Ecology Construction of Longjiang Mori Group,After nearly two months of hard work,As of now,Longjiang Mori Gong Group has fully completed the 2024,800 mu of afforestation and greening task,Based on the experience of domestic bc game apkforestry carbon exchange project,In the next ten years,These trees will provide about 220,000 tons of carbon exchange volume。


2024,Longjiang Mori Gong Group based on the main responsibility of ecological construction,Adhere to the strategy of revitalizing the country and rural areas,"Protection、Green、Increased quality、Efficiency "is the main line,Adhere to "expand green、Xinglu、Guarding Green ",Scientifically carried out afforestation and greening。In the afforestation and greening mission completed this year,Degenerate forest fixed 308,000 mu,400,000 acres of forestry in the mountains,The proportion BC gameof precious tree species reached 95%or more。

Effective completion of 2024 forestry greening mission,Longjiang Mori Gong Group is in the latest national policy requirements of the forest business field,Invite the provincial forest and grass bureau、Northeast Forestry University、Experts from the Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences、Scholar,Creation of Forestry、Degenerate forest repair、Economic Forest Construction、seedling cultivation、Forestry Harmful Biological Prevention and other tasks conducted special training for more than 4,000 camp forest front staff in the forest area。


In the selection of afforestation plots,The Group strictly bc game casinofollows the requirements of the three -line land and space planning requirements.,Adhere to the location of the forestry creation task of this year,Continue to promote the mission of land greening to the upper figure,Realized fine management。

At the same time,The Group also requires that the forestry bureaus will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the afforestation mission land in the past three years,Especially the afforestation plot that suffers from the flood,For comprehensive supplement。

Introduction to the staff of the Ministry of Ecological Construction of Longjiang Mori Group,Next step,They will plan in advance for future afforestation and greening space and the amount of afforestation bc game apkand greening tasks that can be undertaken,Compliant and reasonable arrangement of afforestation land,Do your best to do a good job in the late forestry in the spring,Ensure that high quality completes the task of afforestation and greening this year。

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