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【Lin Hai Pioneer】 Tongbei Oriental Red Forest Farm: Party Banner Gao Yang Hua Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji New Express
2024-04-15    Yang Hongyu    Group Rong Media Center

2023,Tongbei Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Oriental Red Forest Farm to carry out the creation of "Lin Hai Pioneer" party building brand,Tightly surrounds "Strong Party Building、Good ecology、Promoting development、Huimin Sheng "work target,pioneering innovation、Draysians,A better effect has been achieved。



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Oriental Red Forest FarmParty branch will strengthen the ideological and political construction of party members and cadresPut inFirst position,DeepenTheme education and deepening ability constructionWork implementation yearActivity, DevelopmentVarious theoretical learning andLeading cadres on the pianth20After the remaining times, effectively improve party membersCadreTeam's political quality. Select the best branch of the strong branch,FurtherPromotionParty Organizationpolitical and organizational functions,Do the same arrangement of party building and business workSamedeploymentSameImplementation to form ideasHeart, workJoint Force, on actionCombat shotGood situationAt the same time,FineInternal IndustryManagement,Establish and improve work accounts and40YuitemSpecificationInternal Industry,Make sureInternal industry construction and actual work of party buildingdistortion, do not work with businessderailment


Outstanding Ecology of Resources Green Leading Barrier

One yearCome,Oriental Red Forest FarmPromoting solidlyThree Longlinkage mechanismFurtherStrengthen BC Game appbc game casino revieworganizational guarantee,EcologicalResources are validProtection。Strictly implement Yinglin work,Do a good job of business training and technical guidance, successfully completeComprehensive breeding5286mu, forest sustainable operation pilot729acres, breeding and supplement1566acresEcological protection and restoration plan for key areas527acresYoulin Fu Yubu4747acresRealize YinglinProduction operation quality levelSignificantPromotion.Strictly grasp the forest fire prevention work and fully implement the forest fire preventionLevel 4 gridQianbao responsibility system, during the forest fire prevention period, patrol team dailyCarryingPatrol Little BackpackRightsmate, walkie -talkieetc.,Parade and patrol the key thermal insurance areas in the industry,Make sure the hidden dangers of the fire are eliminated in the budding state。


Turning method Industry increased income development

According to the groupOne productIndustrial Development Strategy,Oriental Red Forest FarmPositiveEncourage employees and masses to adjust the planting structure,Reasonable stubble rotation,Soybean -planting for the whole year71062.06mu, wheat833.08acres, corn222.32acres, blue 靛31.64mu,Further increase cropsoutput.Perfect implementation of funds,Forest Farm is still positiveCommunication with the credit cooperative,Strive for small loans for employees,Effectively solve the problem of insufficient funds in the agricultural production process of employeesAt the same time, keep increasingInfrastructure Constructionstrength, all year's road supplement sand and gravel86for the remaining kilometers, repair bridge1seat, Han7Practical guarantee forestFire Fire Farm Farm Road Unblocked and Employees Agricultural ProductionsmoothCompleted. Push harderThe winemaking industryDevelopmentCooperation project, implementationBrewIndustry daily output250Yu Ji, annual output3More than 10,000 pounds, annual profit8About 10,000 yuan.

Next,Oriental Red Forest Farm will thoroughly implement the spirit of the Group's 2024 work conference,Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Tongbei Bureau Company,Focus on the main responsibility,Unity and leading forest cadres and employees act as、Struggle to do something,Active contribution to the construction of modern Xintong Worker。


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