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【Ecological Enterprise Enterprise】 Dahai Forest: Experience Exchange at the National Forest Sustainable Pilot Pilot Site Promotion Conference
2023-12-06    Liu Shouhui Zhang Zhenfeng    Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

  Recent,National Forest Sustainable Operation Pilot Work Site Promotion Conference was held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi,31 provinces nationwide、Autonomous Region、Municipality、Xinjiang Production Construction Corps,Daxing'an Ridge、bc game apkInner Mongolia、Jilin、Changbai Mountain、Longjiang、Yichun 6 Great Forestry Group,The responsible comrades of the State Forest Pravals Administration in various provinces attended the meeting。Longjiang Mori Group Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. and other 8 units to do experience exchange。

  It is understood,The pilot pilot to carry out forest sustainable operation is one of the key tasks of the State Forest and Cao Bureau in 2023。According to the "National Forest Sustainable Operation Pilot Implementation Plan (2023-2025)",The State Forest and Grass Administration plans to lead all localities to establish an institutional system with the forest business plan as the core,BC Game appConstruction of a batch of demonstration model forest,Create a national advanced model,Forms a batch of typical experience and mechanism measures that can be replicated and promoted。

  will be on,Jiangxi、Jilin、Fujian、4 provinces in Hubei,and Longjiang Sengang Group Dayhai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、Hebei Saihanba Machinery Forest Farm、Shanxi Zhongjo Forest Bureau Zhongcun Forest Farm、Gansu Province Xiaolongshan Forestry Protection Center 4 pilot units for typical experience exchange。

  Dahai Forestry Bureau Company is in experience exchanges,I introduced the pilot work to promote the situation,Focus on the cultivation of large -diameter materials for bc game casino reviewartificial red pine precious tree species、Artificial deciduous pine rapidly raw large diameter cultivation、Artificial and young deciduous loose mechanical leasing and near natural improvement、5 business modes including Mongolian Antilation secondary Lin Xiufu。

  Liu Weiqing, deputy general manager of Dahai Forestry Bureau Company, said,Forest Sustainable operation is far away,Next,The Dahai Forestry Bureau will build a policy of building an enterprise around the "28 character" of Longjiang Mori Group,Incorporate the pilot work of the forest's sustainable operation into the forest long system assessment system,Improve political BC gamestanding,Courage to take responsibility,Accelerate the progress of the pilot of the national forest sustainable operation,Create a provincial model、National benchmark,Provide "Longjiang Model" for the development of forest sustainable operations in the country。

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