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[Industry Wealthy Enterprise] Yabuli: Startup of 10,000 mu of fresh corn project
2024-05-07    Guo Jianping    Yabuli Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

May 2,In Organic Fresh Corn Base of Yabuli Forestry Bureau,A corn sowing machine under the operation of the grower move forward at a uniform speed,Open ditch、Seeding、Cover the soil in one go,This lively "spring farming picture" opened the curtain of the 10,000 acres of fresh BC gamecorn project of the Apali bureau。



  It is understood,10,000 acres of fresh food corn project is the United Forest Food Group、Shangzhi City Sen Genggong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.。This project makes full use of the rich land resources and superior ecological conditions of the Longjiang Forest Gonglin District,Cooperate with farmers through the company、Methods of the United Enterprise and Base,Realized intensive production、Standardized customization and marketization operation,Dedicated to create a high -quality organic fresh corn production base。

  10,000 acres of fresh bc game apkcorn project is a powerful exploration for the pilot of land intensive operations in Aprich.。This move not only marks a solid pace in the field of the development of the forest agricultural industry,It also brings new opportunities for the economic growth of the forest area and increasing employee income。



  To ensure the yield and quality of fresh corn,Yabuli Bureau Company according to forest cultivation soil conditions、The special environment of the forest area、Seeding production harvesting period,Customized soil measurement and fertilizer for planters、Production schedule、Management Tracking BC Game appand other technical support。As of now,Yabuli Rongquan Agricultural Branch carried out agricultural capital purchase、Unification,Has 235,000 kg of seeds on time、700 tons of fertilizer distributed into the hands of the growers,It is estimated that 25 million Sui Sui -quality organic fresh corn can be produced in 2024。

  "The launch of the 10,000 acres of fresh food corn project is to realize‘ mountain construction base,Factory under the mountains,Industrial deployment driven by leading enterprises,It is an important exploration for achieving ‘industry wealthy enterprises’。"The relevant person in BC gamecharge of the company said,will take this as an opportunity,Further optimize the industrial structure,Create chain、Make up the chain、Strong Chain,Promote the development of forest agricultural industrialization,Create more ways to increase income for employees in Yabulin District。

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