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[Media Follow] 998 takes you to tour · May 1 "Rough Pills" Mori Gong Phoenix Mountain
2024-05-06        Mori Gong Phoenix Mountain

The reporter learned from the Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park in Heilongjiang,Phoenix Mountain Air Garden Scenic Area was officially opened on April 30。This summer,The missionary hall and plant specimen hall of Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area will also unveil the mystery,Open to the public! Let's embark on this journey of exploration,Endless secrets and beauty of unlocking Phoenix Mountain!


Phoenix Mountain,Located in Shanhetun, Wushang City, Heilongjiang,is AAAA -level scenic spot、National Forest Park、Geological Park and Nature Reserve。bc game casinoKnown as "Longjiang First Peak"。Because it has a large forest、Big Ice and Snow、Dashihai、Grand Canyon、Big Waterfall、Da Garden and other unique natural landscapes,Known as "Longjiang First Peak"。


Data Chart Picture Source: Visual China


Phoenix Mountain Sky Garden Scenic Area has the highest alpine wetland in Heilongjiang、Alpine Stone Sea; there are Heilongjiang gathering growth、The largest alpine pine in the area、Yue Hua、Bud willow、Leather Rhododendron and other rare plants; as well as the longest extended Grand Canyon in Heilongjiang and the Gorge Waterfall in Bai Waterfall in Heilongjiang。

Alpine Wetland

Alpine Stone Sea

High Mountain Yue Hua

Phoenix Mountain with its unique and high -quality ecological resources,Winning "National Photographer Creation Base"、"China's most charming tourist scenic spot"、"China's Most Beautiful Ecological Leisure Path", "Heilongjiang bc game casinoProvincial Research Practice Education Camp" and other awards。

Huahai, Sky Garden Scenic Area

The forest coverage of Phoenix Mountain reaches 96%or more,Negative oxygen ions are as high as 20,000 per cubic centimeter,Reliable by the Chinese Meteorological Administration as "China Natural Oxygen Bar" and "Chinese Charm Climate Town"。



Phoenix Mountain as the back garden of Harbin City,The largest mountain in Longjiang,There are unique landscapes in different months。

Fenghuang Mountain Air Garden Scenic Area is the best scenic spot in Harbin City in early May,Fresh air,You can also see Yunhai and Chunxue。

Eward spring snow

From the end of May to mid -June,That is, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival,The rare plant Phoenix Mountain Rhododendron of the Air Garden has begun to bloom one after another,Time is relatively short,But very worth watching。

Alpine Rhododendron

From July to mid -August,bc game casinoIt is the best time in the summer of Fenghuang Mountain,Full mountains are full of wild lily,Especially on the high mountain wetlands at an altitude of 1500 meters,Hemeroca -grass、Ginger onion、Wild Lily、Golden Lotus and other dozens of wild flowers are open for opening,Many photographers come to shoot the scenery blockbuster。This season is also the best choice to avoid the summer of Fenghuang Mountain。

Generally at the end of September,early October,It's the golden autumn season of Fenghuang Mountain,Colorful、Color colorful,Can be called the Kingdom of Red Leaf。

This summer,Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area will launch a series of tourism products,Including ecological sightseeing tour、Outdoor holiday tour、Research Parent -child Tour、Forestry Folk Tour and other tourist products and "Harbin、Jilin and other surrounding cities self -driving travel routes。At the same time,The scenic BC gamespot also carefully planned "Dragon Boat Festival to reward the cuckoo"、"In the early summer, Longjiang Mei in Phoenix Mountain" Douyin short video punching activity;、"Mythical Phoenix Mountain" photography and other series of rich and colorful activities。

Also show the geological change of Phoenix Mountain、Diversity of animals and plants、Forestry Culture、The Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area Education Museum of the Anti -Allied Spirit、Phoenix Mountain Plant Specification Museum、Phoenix Mountain Folk Village will also be open to tourists。

Poster: Zhao Jin

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