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April 1, 2014,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District completely stops natural forest commercial harvest,The majestic "Shunshan Fold" number、wooden storage yard full of wood、Forest trains passing by full of logs full of woods have entered history。

Longjiangsen construction site across Xiaoxing'an Ridge、Changbai Mountains,The total operating area is 98.7 million mu,Occupy Heilongjiang Province's land area 1/14。This was an important base for national wood production,I made important contributions to supporting the national economic construction。

For ten years,Longjiang Mori workers to protect the green mountains and green mountains、Maintenance of national ecological security as a mission,Find a way out、Hard entrepreneurial、Endurance。Now,Green water and green mountains are all,Longjiang Mori has changed,A better ecology、The industry is richer、The happiness of people's life is happier, Shinsen Gong is rising。

bc game casinoBenefit Mori Gong

From logging to seeing forest,Then to develop the ecological industry,More and more people in the forest area understand,With the green mountains and green mountains,Don’t worry about Jinshan Yinshan。

During ten years,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee incorporated the development of the ecological industry into the province's "eight revitalization" goals and the "4567" modern industrial system.,Adhere to the wealthy enterprise of the industry,Anchor "Seeing Seeing Seeing One Year,Three years up the step,Five -Year Development "target,Actively build an ecological industry system,Implementing "one product, one product", "one game, one industry" strategy,Comprehensive construction benefits Forest Gong。

During ten years,Group Yinglin Greening Industry Accelerated Development,Forest agriculture advances steadily,Forest food industry file upgrade,The scale of the Chinese medicinal material industry is continuously expanded,The tourism health industry continues to advance,Forestry carbon exchange economy has made new progress。Forest Food Group、Garden Greening Company、Chinese herbal medicine company、Forestry Machinery Processing Factory BC Game appand other professional companies should be born at the time of attempt,The scale of the development of the ecological industry has continued to grow。

2023,Longjiang Mori Gong Group's total operating income of 11.053 billion yuan,6.94 billion yuan from 2013,increase 168.73%。Total profit of 116 million yuan in 2023,increased 283 million yuan from 2013,increased 169.46%。

In the early spring season,Enter the Pinglin Nursery,A plant that has been bred for 4 years has been bred for 4 years.,Cheerfully welcome the spring of the new year。

Since the suspension of 2014,Longjiang Mori Gong Group has built a state -owned standardization、Mechanized、100 smart nursery,Breaks more than 200 million plants in the seedlings。

Brand Mori Gong

Longjiang Mori Gong Group coordinates the advancement of forest agriculture、Forest Food、Chinese medicinal materials for forest land、Forest Forest Industry, mainly forest, fruits and vegetables,Fully create a "big food concept" leading place。Building 1427 buildings、State -owned fruits and vegetable greenhouses with an area of ​​nearly 1,000 acres and 45,000 acres of "Cold Dragon Fruit" demonstration base,The area of ​​Chinese medicinal materials is BC Game app617,000 mu,Develop and produce more than 160 categories of more than 160 kinds of forest foods,"Sen" standard and "Heisen" brand value increased year by year。

Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan,Bingtian and Snowfield is also Jinshan Yinshan。Migrant people into a tourist,Another successful practice of industrial transformation after the stopping of Longjiang Mori Workers。

Xuexiang Scenic Area, located in Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Transformed from a forest farm that made from logging into the world's attention、The new "top flow" of the famous tourism,Become a beautiful business card in the Chinese ice and snow economy。

One industry with hundreds of industry,The rapid development of Xuexiang tourism,Dragoning the surrounding area planting、Breeding、Transportation、Catering services and other industries,Last year, it realized tourism income of nearly 200 million yuan,During the ten years, the scenic spot received a total of 5.8 million tourists,Realizing the output value of 40 billion yuan。

New Mori Gong

During ten years,Longjiang Mori Gong Group relies on unique regional characteristics and rich forests、Ice and Snow Resources,Re -found the road of new transformation and development,Spring Blossom、Summer Summer、BC Game appQiu Guanshan、The new pattern of the four seasons of winter opera snow gradually takes shape。

Tian Junguo is a steam train driver at Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Before stopping, his job was driving a train to transport wood。With the vigorous development of the tourism industry in the forest area,He is the same as employees in many forest areas,Hold the travel "Golden Rice Bowl",Become a forest steam small train travel driver。He said,"Every time you pull tourists from all over the country to and from the forest,I am proud of myself for myself for myself。”

Once,Oil saw a noise,Golden Wanwan; Now,Do not cut a tree,It can still get rich。From focusing on ecological transformation to development forest,Then to promote ecological industrialization、Industrial ecology,Longjiang Mori workers handed over the high -quality answer sheet of General Secretary Xi Jinping "Three Questions in the Forest District"。


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