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【Ecological Enterprise Enterprise】 Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Mu Angle Pipe Tube Center、Protective station listing
2024-07-04    Chen Yang    Mu Emperor Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
July 2,Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Muqian Pipe Tube Center and the listing ceremony of each protection station were held at Mujie Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.。The responsible comrades of the relevant BC Game appbc game casinodepartments of the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Management Bureau and the Mudanjiang Branch,The responsible comrades of the relevant departments of Muqing Bureau Company attended the ceremony。
10 am,In the sound of celebrated firecrackers and warm applause,Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Mu Angelba Tube Center and five protection stations are officially listed。


Building Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park is an important measure and vivid practice for practicing Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thinking,The establishment of the Mujian Tube Center and the protection stations of the Northeast Tiger BC Game appand Leopard bc game casino reviewNational Park,Fully practiced "Construction of Central Land,Multi -Party Participation "requirements,It has effectively promoted the in -depth implementation of the "Cooperation Promoting Promoting Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Construction Cooperation Agreement",Open the "last mile" for protection management。
In recent years,With the continuous increase in the protection of forest resources,The effectiveness of the biodiversity in Mulinglin District is significant,Ecological system overall function enhancement,Wild Siberian Tiger、Northeast Leopard BC gameand other large BC Game appmeat -eating animals also went to Anjia, Mu Emperor Forest District。



Next,Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park Mu Angelba Tube Center and protection stations will take this as an opportunity,Continue to adhere to the concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains",Ecological priority、Green Development as a guide,Further strengthen ecological protection、Improve the monitoring system、Improve management level,Actively exploring effective ways to improve ecological protection and people's livelihood,Building bc game casino reviewa rare wild animal and plant bc game casinoprotection barrier,Efforts to achieve ecological benefits、Win -win for economic and social benefits。


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