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【Ecological Enterprise】 Dahai Forest: We are acting in protecting wild plants
2024-02-29    Chen Dong    Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

  "Wild animals and plants are not only natural resources,It is also an important ecological resource,Protecting wild animals and plants to protect biodiversity、Maintaining ecological balance is of great significance ... "On March 3rd, World Wildlife and Plants Day is about to arrive,Dahai Forest Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. launched the BC Game apptheme promotional activity of "World Wild Animal Animal and Plants Day" in the Plaza Plaza of the Workers Club,Improve the understanding of the masses of cadres and employees on the protection of wild animals and plants,Jointly protect biological diversity。



  In the event,The staff protects the publicity banner through hanging wild and plants,Posted the "Wildlife Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" and "The Best Practice of Chinese Strikes Wildlife illegal Trade Best Practice" to the people of the past forest area,Freshly related laws and regulations,Detailed explanation of wild animals BC gameand plant protection management achievements、The significance of the importance of wild animals and plants to ecological balance,Further guide the majority of employees and the masses to protect the survival environment of wild animals and plants。

  Forestry Forest Farm (Institute) of the Forestry Bureau also posted publicity slogans、Hanging Propaganda banner、Publicity manual and other methods,Widely publicize the significance of the protection of wild animals and plants,Promote the care of employees and the masses to care for wild active plants、Protecting forest resources,Dare to report、Demyllation of illegal acts such as BC Game appdestroying wild animals and plant resources,Consciously the guardian of the wild and plants。



  "We should join hands,Jointly protect wildlife,People around you,Do things around you,Create a beautiful tomorrow for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature。"Tian Li said。

  "Wild animals and plants are one of the most important biological groups on the planet,They are closely related to our lives。We each person,You should pay attention to the protection of wild and plants,Actively participate in ecological environmental protection activities。Next,Dahai Forestry Bureau will continue to strengthen the publicity and propaganda work of wild and plant protection,bc game casino reviewEffectively enhance the consciousness of the protection of the whole people,Protecting wild animals and plants to be a conscious behavior of the people of the majority of forest areas。"Wang Zhitong, staff of the Forest Resources Management Department of the Dahai Forestry Bureau, said。

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