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[Animal Protection] Suiyang: Dian Meng Big Birds appear on the police and the people to rescue each other
2022-10-19    Gao Haisheng Yang Chunjia Li Jiachen    Suiyang Forest District

With the intensity of ecological environmental protection in Suiyang Forest District,Biological diversity is effectively improved,More and more precious wild birds began bc game apkto appear frequently。Recent,Police and people join hands to help the national second -level protective animals -鸊鷉 become a good story。








October 13,Suiyang Police Station of the Suiyang Branch of the Provincial Public Security Bureau received a phone call from the employee of the Xinqing Management Office,Called a injured 鸊鷉。The police quickly rushed to Cao Yongfa's home when they received the phone,According to him,On the way back when he goes out,I found a big bird on the side of the road and moved on the road,BC gameSomeone does not fly away。He looked at it for a while,It is found that it is very similar to the dull bird (鸊鷉) that it is rescued by the police and the people in May this year.,Contact the police station in time。







Confirmation,The big bird is indeed 鸊鷉,belonging to the national second -level protection animal,Is a type of water bird,A total of 6 genus 22 species of 53 subspecies,Winter inhabits stream,Breeding in the lake in summer,Mainly eat small fish、Shrimp、insects, etc.。Current,Suiyang Police bc game casinoStation has transferred the injured bird to the Suiyang Bureau of the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park for professional assistance,After it is restored to health, it has the ability to survive in the wild,Put it to nature。
In recent years,With Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. wildlife protection and publicity and education continues to increase,Campaign of ecological violations and crimes are continuously strengthened,The awareness of the protection of wild animals in the forest area has entered the mind,bc game casinoPolice and people work together to help rare wild animals,The population and quantity of wild animals in the jurisdiction also increased significantly。












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