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【Ecological Enterprise】 Dahai Forest: Rare Migratory Birds injured and suffered from difficult to help the police and civilians for emergency assistance
2022-10-10    Zhao Xiaolong    Dahai Forest District

October 7,The Hongqi Police Station of the Hailin Branch of the Forestry Public Security Bureau of Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau received a telephone from the forest farm employee,bc game casino reviewIt is said that a "big bird" was found on the side of the road,Suspected injury,Can't act。



After the police arrived at the scene,Seeing a form similar to home goose,head、Blood tan,Shoulder、Big gray -brown bird lying on the ground。After bringing "Big Bird" back to the police station,The police immediately contacted the wild animal rescue department of Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.。Appraisal of the technicians,The injured "Big Bird" is the bean geese,It is the "three animals" of large geese belonging to the BC Game appcountry (that is, ecological、Science、Social value)。After careful inspection,I found that this bean geese's legs were injured,Police cooperate with the technicians to bandage it,Emergency treatment、Feeding water、Feed、Stay。





morning the next day,Douyan's physical fitness has been restored,Able to move freely,Good mental state,Police put the bean geese back to nature,Douyan flew south all the way,soon disappeared in the sky。
With the continuous improvement of the ecological BC Game appenvironment,The Erlang River Scenic Area of ​​Dahai Forest has become the "rest area" of migratory bird migration,Various birds fly through the sky。The Haiilin Branch of the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the Provincial Forestry District adopted "publicity、Prevention、Strike、Prevention、deterrence "working mode,Continuously strengthen the protection of ecological resources and environment and wild animal resources,Effectively improved the masses' love of wild animals、Consciousness bc game apkof participating in wildlife protection,Create a harmonious and safe natural environment for transit birds and wild animals,Practice ecological priority with practical actions、Green Development。


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