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[Ecological Enterprise] Oriental Red: Welcome to the spring of birds in spring
2024-04-17    Ma Hongliang Zhao Chenglong    Oriental Red Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

recovery,recovery。With the migration of migratory birds migration,Oriental Red Wetland National Nature Reserve once again ushered in the spring bird ring period。As of now,Handling birds with a total of 2 measuring and 6 subjects and 10 species,Total 34。

Wang Xinxue、Ma Yuhan bc game casino reviewis a graduate student from Northeast Forestry University,To further improve migratory bird monitoring、Bird Identification、Bird Ringzhi and other professional technical levels,The two of them came to the Oriental Red Forest District for communication and learning,and participated in the practice of bird ringing this spring。

"For the protected area,The more migratory birds, the more migratory birds,It means the better the ecology。Future,If any of the world's ring -minded agency recovered this bird,You can interpret the bird's migration time with the metal foot ring worn by the bird、route、Streaming ground、Breeding BC gameplaces and other important information,and get a "mysterious" map of a bird migration。"Wang Xinxue introduced。


"Bird Ringzhi work includes cloth net、Internet tour、Picking Bird、Appraisal、Shang Ring、Measurement and record、Return、Statistical analysis and other steps ... "Before the work of Huanzhi,Director of the Ringzhi Station of the Nature Reserve Management Bureau is from the aspect of the technical procedures for bird ringing.Wang Xinxue, Ma YuhanSpecial training,Then they followed the staff of the Huanzhi strictly in accordance with the technical specifications and operating processes of the bird's ringing Zhi Zhuanzhi。

bc game apkAt present, they have been determined to have 1 turtle dove 1、5、1,Silver throat long -tail mountain bird 2,14 yellow throat 鹀、4 gray head、4、1,1 crow 1、1。


In recent years,Dongfanghong Bureau Company continuously increases wetland protection and publicity,Gradually improve the relevant management system,Vigorously promote the wetland protection and repair work,Wetland ecological functions and ecological environment have improved significantly,Bird's growth and habitat environment is effectively protected,The number of birds and population continues to grow,There are 216 species of birds known bc game apknow。This new round of bird ringing work will effectively master the bottom number of migratory bird resources in the Oriental Red Forest District、Dynamic changes and migrant bird migration laws,Monitoring for regional migratory bird resources、Protecting Wetland resources to provide important basic information。

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