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【Ecological Enterprise Enterprise】 Hailin: Carry out special actions to achieve "Ping An Qingming" goals
2023-04-10    Zeng Xiaoxue    Hailin Forest District



  To win the Campaign of Forest Defense during the Winning of the Qingming Festival,Hailin Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. takes BC Game apppowerful measures,Carrying out the special action of Qingming Festival,effectively eliminating the hidden danger of fire risks in the germination state,achieved the "Ping An Qingming" campaign target。 






  Early morning on the day of Qingming Festival,Hailin Bureau Company Forest Fire Destroyer Headquarters、Each forest farm forest fire professional team、Half professional team、Camp Lin team dispatched,In key areas in the jurisdiction、BC Game appEnter the mountain intersection to set up a card,Vehicles on the same vehicle、Persons' propaganda for forest prevention and fireproof method、Civilized Sacrifice Publicity,Implement the code into the mountains、Strict control of fire。Each forest farm (in) uses various valid propaganda forms,Increase the popularization of civilized sacrifice publicity,Resolutely achieve the source of the fire、Firefire does not enter forest。At the same time,BC Game appThe main leaders of the company goes into supervision and inspection of the forest farms (institutes) respectively,On -site inspection of the "Battle of the Qingming Festival" and the training preparation of the firefire players。 






  According to statistics,The special operation of the "Battle of the Qingming Festival" was launched for inspection、1217 inspectors、231 vehicles,Broadcast 450 times,2300 pieces of publicity materials,bc game apkHanging banner 36 pieces,Insert the knife flag 3500 face,Set 14 places for temporary inspection stations,18 places in Guide Daokou,Paragraph 65 places。 





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