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【Ecological Enterprise】 Jiamusi Wood Comprehensive Processing Co., Ltd.: Go all the way to Zhanchun Defense
2023-04-10    Zhao Yue Yang Liyou    Jiamusi Wood Company





  Since entering the spring forest fire prevention period,Jiamusi Wood Comprehensive Processing Co., Ltd. conscientiously bc game casinoimplemented the requirements of the party committee of the group,Targeting ecological construction Iron Army as the goal,Effectively do the workshop factory building in the area、Fire safety work in the warehouse and Tianbao Forest Farm in the industry,Resolutely win the spring defense battle。 








  Jiamusi Wood Comprehensive Processing Co., Ltd. Factory area covers an area of ​​296,000 square meters,Nearly 50,000 square meters of building facilities,bc game apkThe 168 hectares of cultivated land and 870 acres of forest land in the Tianbao Forest Farm,Spring defense work tasks are relatively heavy。 









To grasp the spring defense work carefully,The company carefully develops a fire -fighting training plan,Plasma machine machine、Transportation vehicles for maintenance and maintenance,Strengthen fire prevention materials reserve,At the same time, increase inspection and inspection,Flammable parts bc game apkof the factory area、Peripheral commercial residential and cable transformers、The fire prevention work of Tianbaolin Farm in Spring Festival under the jurisdiction is strictly inspected and supervised。Use the company to open a security fire column,Extensive carrying out safety fire prevention education,Insert fireproof police flag on the main street、Publicity banners enter the mountain mouth at Tianbaolin Farm、Post the Spring Defense Notice,bc game casinoVigorously create a publicity atmosphere for everyone's responsibility。






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