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【Ecological Enterprise】 Suiyang: Playing Mori Defense "Combination Boxing" to build a clear "firewall"
2023-04-06    Wei Yusheng Xin Xin    Suiyang Forest District

  To do a good job of doing a good job of the "Qingming Festival" during the period of the Qingming Festival,Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Thoughtful deployment,Keep an eye on key links,Take a series of effective measures,Resolutely win the first hard battle of spring defense,escort the safety bc game apkof ecological safety and employees in Suiyang Forest District。







bc game casinoSuiyang Bureau Company plays an important position in the Battle of Qingming Festival Spring Defense,Formulate a plan,Clear task,Pressing responsibility,Pressing responsibility,Make sure to win the Qingming Festival Spring Defense Campaign。
Police enterprise linkage to strengthen publicity.During the Battle of Qingming Festival,Suiyang Bureau Company Unite Forest Public Security Branch,Actively organize and carry out fire patrol publicity operations。4:30 a.m. every day,Four units of publicity vehicles set off,Go to the villages around the area to carry out laws and regulations such as the "Forest Fire Prevention Regulations" and other laws and regulations,Let fire prevention publicity enter thousands of households in the forest area。






Strictly guard against death and build a line of defense.Each forest field (office) strict grid management mechanism,Send a special person every day to bring a lighter to the key intersection in the industry to guard,Strengthen the admonition and prevent and control of the sacrifice,Eliminating the planting of the fire into the mountains,Responsible to the intersection、to the plot、to the mountain。As of the present,Total vehicles 255 units,974 person -times,44 groups of patrol team,4049 copies of publicity materials。
Strengthen guidance, civilized sacrifice.Make full use of the promotional car、Radio and TV、WeChat public account、Douyin short video and other methods,Sending a civilized sacrifice initiative,Education guides the people of the forest area to move the customs,Take online sacrifice、Home Rebellion、Flowers to sacrifice the sacrifice of safe and civilized sacrifice such as the flowers and other people。






Construction of enterprises and towns, joint defense and joint control.Strengthen the joint defense and control work between the township and township of Dongning,Hold a joint defense meeting with the People's Government of Laoshan Town,Determine work focus,Clarify the responsibility of both parties,Sign the joint defense joint control agreement,Effectively put the joint defense and control work in implementation,Play the foundation for prevention and control for "Ping An Qingming"。










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