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[Ecological Enterprise] All parts of the forest area: Publicize the world of earth and daily painting in the world
2024-04-22    Reporters from all over the forest area    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
  Today is the 55th "World Earth Day",This year's theme is "Cherish the Harmony of the Earth and the Harmony of Nature"。To further enhance the employees of the forest area "respect for nature、Conform to nature、Protecting Nature "concept,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District has organized relevant theme activities,Not only enriches the public’s spiritual and cultural life,It also improved the public’s environmental awareness and sense of responsibility。

  At the event site of Tongbei Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Staff through bc game apksuspension bc game casinopublicity banner、Distribution of environmental protection initiatives and other forms,Introduce the harm of environmental pollution to human health and ecosystems to employees,Call for everyone to support and promote relevant national environmental policies,Communication concept of environmental protection,Actively participate in the action of ecological environmental protection,Do a good job of garbage category,Reduce the use of disposable plastic supplies,Save resources、Energy。At the same time,Promote green travel、Green Consumption,Guide employees and masses to create a good time、Livable Beautiful Forest City。

  "Please use more environmental protection and recycling supplies。"" "Earth is the only home we live in,We want to protect natural resources ... "In the event,Staff of Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. issued a book with past pedestrians、bc game casinoPromotional bc game casinoPage,Promote the ecological environmental protection concept of "Green Water and Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan and the Harmony of Nature" to pass by,And explain the basic knowledge and response measures for employees and masses,Guide employees to protect the environment,Start from my side,Start from small things。

      Suiring Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Kindergarten organizes children with waste bottles and cans、Paper shell、Easy can、Waste newspapers and other materials for environmental protection small production。Children's some of them make fashion with waste newspapers,and display the model contest; some use waste toys to assemble robots; and some use waste items to re -combine,Made into various trees、Boat、Rockets and other handmade works ... Really realized "exchanging green with waste,Turning waste into treasure "。

  "We want to let children understand the relevant BC Game appknowledge of‘ BC gameWorld Earth Day ’through this activity,Cultivate children to care for the earth、Low -carbon environmental protection consciousness,Planting love to protect the earth in the hearts of children、The seeds of protecting the homeland。"Zhu Ming, the principal of the kindergarten company of the Sui Ling Bureau Company, said,"Next step,We will also oppose the waste of grain by implementing the practice of 'CD -ROM Action'、Let children do environmentally friendly propaganda small guards and other colorful activities,Let more people take care of the earth、Protect Earth。”

  Tokyo City、Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. carried out ecological environmental protection public welfare publicity to enter the campus。Staff combined with the theme and actual life of this year's "World Earth Day",With intuitive and vivid teaching methods,Introduced the origin of Earth Day bc game apkin detail to students、Purpose and protection bc game casino reviewmeasures,and watch related pictures through watching,Further popularize environmental pollution and artificial damage to the harm caused to the ecological environment,Guide students to actively participate in saving resources、Come in the action of green life,Care for the only home of human beings。The activity also set up "Answer Answer Answer" and "The same Home" gesture dance interactive link,Students actively participate in interaction,I learned environmental protection small knowledge in a relaxed and happy atmosphere,The atmosphere at the scene is warm。

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