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[Parking for ten years to see Mori Gong] Founder: Ten years of butterfly changing the new face, ride the wind and break the new chapter
2024-04-08    Wang Nan Pan Yang    Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

"This is my responsible 1st forest class,In addition to rainy days, we must patrol every day,Look at the growth of the tree、See if there is any stolen and dismissal and random catching wildlife behavior,Then do a good patrol record ",57 -year -old manager Dong Hengliang told reporters,He has been a oil sawman for more than 30 years,Putting down the oil saw in these decade,He really witnessed this large forest from sparse to dense。


Ten years ago,In Founder Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Many forestry workers like Dong Hengliang put down the oil saw、Pick up 锹,From a tree cutter to a tree breeding person、Forest guard。For ten years,Under the leadership of the party committee of the Founder Bureau,Resolutely carry the main responsibility of the protection of forest resources,Implementing natural forest protection project,Increase the cultivation of forest resources,Promote the forest long system,Persist in "protecting green" with the most determined attitude、The most scientific way "use green"、The most stringent system "tube green"、The most effective measures "Green"。

BC gameAs of the end of 2023,Founder Bureau Company has an area of ​​forest land from 181,921.1 hectares increase to 182,725.32 hectares,Forest cover rate increased from 89.4%to 89.76%,Forest total accumulation from 17,864,244 cubic meters increased to 23,743,997 cubic meters,Hectare accumulation increased from 95.45 cubic meters to 129.77 cubic meters,Realized "Four Growths",Founder Forest District has achieved forest fires in 43 consecutive years。

These happy data witnessed the cadres and employees of Founder Forest through technical defense、The combination of physical defense and human defense builds the struggle of the "firewall" of the forest safety,It also laid a solid foundation for the exploration of the value conversion path of the two mountains in the company。 

For ten years,Founder Bureau Company gives full play to the advantages and ecological advantages,According to the "28 -character" of the group company,Plan and implement and continue to optimize the company's industrial layout,Create "one game, one business、One product of one product "industrial development pattern,Greening with camp forest、Forest Agriculture、Chinese medicinal materials、Forest Food、Forest Tourism and Cainted Ecological Industry Systems preliminarily established。

"The piercing five -plus seeds at the moment has over the high temperature treatment stage,It has entered the low temperature BC gametreatment stage,We transported all the piercing five -plus sand to the dawn forest farm constant temperature cold storage for two months of low temperature treatment,Then I entered the sowing ",Secretary of the Forest Management Co., Ltd.、Executive Director Guan Jian introduced to reporters。

2020,Founder Bureau Company determines the spines of the "Dragon Nine" first of the pyramided wild forest planting project as the leading industry of a strong enterprise and the people,Delivery to create a hometown of cold drooling thorns,The total planned area of ​​the first phase is 160,000 acres,At present, 120,000 acres have been completed; 3、Stabbing five -plus seed garden 110 acres,Building 500 acres of thorns and five -plus seedlings breeding base for three consecutive years,annual spines, five plus seedlings 3,000 million plants。


In recent years,The Founder Bureau Company also created three five hundred acres of demonstration bases,That is "500 acres of thorns and five seedlings", "500 acres of ginkgo leaf seedlings", "500 acres of cold land orchard garden"。In 2023, it was built up to 52,000 square meters,Building area of ​​25,000 square meters "Longjiang Mori Chinese Medicine Industrial Park",Processing thorns and more than 3700 tons of Chinese medicinal materials,Products sold to Hebei、Anhui and other medicinal materials markets。Construction of the construction of a pental garden、Seed treatment、BC Game appseedling cultivation、Independent innovation of processing and sales under the forest。

During ten years,Founder Bureau Company from building a peak peak tourist attraction to the development of the dragon medicine economy; from promoting special planting to launching special breeding,The "ax" in the past is "unable to afford" the urgency、"Slowly" crisis、"I can't sit" responsibility,Grasp the reform and transformation tightly、Industrial Construction This "Bull Nose" leading economic development,Embarioing the new journey of the revitalization and development of the forest area,Build a new pattern of ecological -dominated industrial development。

Today's Founder Forest District's green water green mountains are even stronger,"Jinshan Silver Mountain" is more enough,"Ecological Field" is getting thicker and thicker,Fumin Road gets wider and wider。


For ten years,Founder Bureau Company is vigorously developing the economy,Adhere to protecting and improving people's livelihood in high -quality development,Actively strive for national key engineering projects,Completed the flood prevention control project of Songhua River Gao Leng Section,Construction and site setting project of the Hajia high -speed rail,Completed the renovation task of the shantytowns of 14081 households,Completed road sclerosis、Beauty in the community、Town Lighting Project,greatly improved the location advantage of Founder Forest District and the quality BC Game appof small towns。The "Fanglin Cultural Plaza" "Fanglin Cultural Plaza" "Fanglin Cultural Plaza", "Jiangfang Park", "Songjiang Beach", "Begonia Park", "Jiangxin Island Park",Multi -party coordinated coordination and actively promoted solving the inpatient department of the new hospital、Preschool Education Center、Sewage Treatment Plant、tap water construction project and heating reconstruction project,Demonstrate the responsibility of state -owned enterprises。


Each of the heavy livelihood bills,A heart -warm -hearted benefit project,Painted a temperature、There is depth、New painting with a thick life with thickness。

Wind and rain multi -Jing Zhiqian,Guanshan's first road is still long。Looking back on the way,Do not forget the initial heart; look forward to the future,Fun Tongsheng。Founder Company will continue to hold high "ecological priority、Green Development "banner,Keep in mind the entrustment、Yong Affordable Mission,Carefully answer the General Secretary Xi Jinping "Three Questions of the Forest District",Struggle to write a new chapter in the high -quality development of forest areas。

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