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[Ten years of stopping Mori Gong] Linkou: Transformation and upgrading Promoting green development
2024-04-18    Liu Xiying    Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

  Linkou in April,Vitality everywhere,Drop new green reveals it。

  During the ten years of stopping for ten years,Linkou Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. cadres and employees are guided by Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Adhere to ecological priority、Green Development,Write a new answer sheet of ecological construction with guardian and innovation。

Ecological Change: Guarding Green Water Qingshan


  Linkou Forest District is hailed as the "Forest Mouth" of the Daxing Aneling,During the ten years after the "saw the ax",Linkou Bureau Company focuses on the focus of work to exert its ecological function、Provide ecological services、Maintain ecological security transfer,Human resources at the same time、material resources、Financial resources are prioritized to ecological protection construction,It is guaranteed that the surplus employees have lived and dry after stopping.、Revenue。 

After stopping the cut,Forestry Bureau Company has been established by the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau for four times as a national forest sustainable operation pilot unit。To ensure that various tasks of forest bc game casino reviewbreeding operations are carried out with high quality,The Forestry Bureau Company has formulated a series of work plans such as the "Forest Pressing Management Work Plan", "Ecological Protection and Repair Implementation Plan", "Key Implementation Plan for Forest Sustainable Management Pilot", "Implementation of Nursery Upgrade",Incorporate the production operations of various camp forests into institutionalization、Scientificization、Standardized management track。

For the in -depth implementation of the forest long system,Linkou Bureau Company formulated the completion of the implementation plan of the forest long system、Implementation measures and 7 other related management measures、Details,Implement 544 in the area of ​​management and protection responsibility,Make sure that the forest patrol management and protection are horizontal to the edge、Vertical to the end。

"Since the implementation of the forest system,Following trees and control through constant planting,Now the coverage of trees on the mountains increases year by year,Basically achieved full coverage,The "face value" in Linkou Forest District is also continuously improved "。Linkou Bureau's company -level Lin Chang Ren Guangxin said。

At the same time,Linkou Bureau Company also takes the forest system as the lead,Actively carry out "Forest Guard 658" action,Implementation of the integrated protection and restoration project of landscape, forest, bc game casino reviewlake, grass and sand,Continue to grasp the forestry and greening、Forest Sustainable operation、Pilot carbon exchange pilot、Good breed base and nursery construction work,Constantly promoting the ecological construction of Linkou Forest District to a better and more beautiful change。

Changes in the industry: diversified transformation and development


To further promote the ecological industrialization、Industrial ecology,Linkou Bureau Company is steadily promoting stone、Wine and other traditional industries,Following the work deployment of the ecological industrial system in accordance with the group party committee,Actively constructing food、Medicine、Goose、bacteria and other "one product", "one game, one industry" characteristic ecological industry,Focus on the development of big goose breeding、Cold Mountain Scallion Planting Belt、Forest Fruit and Vegetable Greening Plant Plant、Mixing Fat Factory and other "one industry, one garden, one factory" industrial project,Actively explore the tourism health care industry、Fresh corn processing、Forest Food Refinery Processing and other projects,Building a new pattern of development of emerging industrial projects。

"Who can think of,The air can sell money。"" Tian Liangchen, the retired cadre of the Linkou Bureau company, can't help but sigh。Tian Liangchen said "air",Not real air,Instead, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed by the gradually increased bc game apkforest accumulation,and fix it in a tree、Plants or soil,to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere,Known as a forestry carbon exchange。

2022,Linkou Bureau Company has become one of the national state -owned forest farms forest carbon exchange pilot units。Implementation through the pilot pilot of forest carbon remittances,Further explore the effective integration mechanism of new remote sensing technology and traditional forestry、Scientific construction of major forest type carbon reserves and carbon exchange dynamic prediction models、Simulation of the operating decision -making plan to add carbon exchange under different business measures,Then comprehensive、Multi -angle explore the construction of forest carbon exchange that promotes state -owned forest areas。

I have had a "oil saw one ringing,Golden Wanwan "",I also experienced the pain of adjusting the transformation,Today's Linkou Bureau is coming out of an ecological priority、Green Development、"Green Water and Green Mountain" becomes the new road of "Jinshan Yinshan"。

The change of life: happiness is like flowers


"Our hometown is too beautiful,I can't see such a good green environment in the city "。The first sentence of the resident Liu Yuhai, a resident of Linkin Forest District, who has been working in Guangzhou for many years, said the surprise in his heart。

Although there is no beautiful beauty of Jiangnan Zhongling Yuxiu,But the straight street、Neat buildings、BC gameLobilic tree、Wide square,There are strong green grass、Fitness Plaza where people come and go,Nothing allows Liu Yuhai to marvel and feel。

To improve the overall greening and beautification level,Linkou Bureau Company according to "Forest is in the city、The planning and construction concept of the city in the forest,Actively carry out the quality improvement project of the green channel and the grass -roots forest field (office) greening and beautification project,Created the green screen of the forest field、Green Net、The ecological green and livable Damei Homeland of the green view of the forest area。

History moves forward for the time order,Dreams are realized in continuing struggle。Stop,It means better protection,Transformation Development,Bring a new vitality to the thousands of people in Linkou Forest District。Turn "Green Water and Green Mountain" into "Jinshan Yinshan",The protection of this protection is good,Use it to use well,The development of the development is good,Linkou Bureau Company is answering to the times with actual actions。

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