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【Ecological Enterprise】 Longjiang Mori Gong Group: Chasing "Green" to "Green" is painted beautifully
2023-06-09    Zhang Muqiu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

  June of Longjiang Mori Gong land,Flowers like brocade,Green Tree Yinea。pleasing green,Set the time、Vitality、"Gold and Silver" flowing ...

"Three Buried Two Step and One Miao",Accompanied by proficient tree planting action,Longjiang Mori Gong Group 749,600 acres of greening and afforestation tasks are efficiently completed,A row of red pine、Water Qu Liu、Yellow pineapple、Walnut 楸 and other sapling stood in the wind,Add a new green to Mori Gong land。








Since April,Longjiang Mori Gong Group's forest areas have successively carried out land greening work in accordance with soil.,A rare of trees planting for trees。As of now,High -quality completion of various forestry mission this year,Forestance and greening total area of ​​749,600 mu,where,Degenerate forest repair 332,000 mu,417,600 acres of forestry in the mountains,The proportion of precious tree species reached 95%or more,The usage rate of good varieties reaches 97%。




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Put green from south to north,Land greening and orderly development。This year,Longjiang Mori Gong Group proposed to complete 20,000 acres of red loosening、Focus on creating a goal of 100 group -level standardized ecological forest farms (),Constantly enhance the forest "reservoir、Qianku、Grain Library、Carbon Library "function。








"May 1" small holiday period,Longjiang Mori Gong Group's forest districts "Three Spring" work is intensively carried out in an orderly manner。To seize the season、Top Julin Forestry,There are more than 10,000 cadres and employees in the forest area.、Setting in the sunset,Persist in the front line of afforestation in spring;、Construction technology responsible personnel running around the afforestation construction site,Supervise the progress of the project、Technical Service Guidance、Check the quality of planting、Measure the planting area ... They all walk around Qingshan,Working,Flowing green to the sea,Use dedication to mountains and rivers to increase green。




Performing "Planting" due diligence  Help the construction of green Longjiang
Longjiang Mori Gong Group will designate April 20th every year as "Senmun Tree Planting Day"。4.20,"Shi Ailin",The spirit and action of the Mori workers love forests for generations。On the day of planting bc game apkthe tree this year,54,000 cadres and employees plant 520,000 trees。
Tree planting scenes in each unit,Cadres and employees wave shovel、Dig pits and plant seedlings、Cultivation of the soil,All enthusiasm is rising、full of energy,Unity and collaboration between each other、Cooperative tacit understanding,New planting saplings greeted the wind,Add a touch of vitality to the spring light of all things。  







This year's "Mori Gong Tree Planting Day" also specifically proposed the slogan "Let the new 'green" plant new green,It aims to allow new employees to participate in tree planting activities,Further tree fascination、Enhance the consciousness of ecological responsibility and the consciousness of planting green and green,The mission of the worker of the firm forest,True forging a powerful and excellent ecological iron army。
At the same time,Longjiang Mori Gong Group this year's deep mountain afforestation task 52,000 mu,Planting more than 1.8 million seedlings,A large part of which is a deep mountain district that is difficult to reach by ordinary transportation,Human back shoulders、Palestances of afforestation becomes a normal state。Cadres and employees with front -line afforestation to overcome difficulties、Courage to load,Holding quality and quantity completed bc game casino reviewthe deep mountain afforestation mission,Show the ecological construction iron army style。




Walking on "Green"  Guardian Guarding Green Water Qingshan
In recent years,Longjiang Mori Gong Group increases the operation of forest resources protection,Promote the scientific and standardized resource management,Innovative implementation of the "forest long+" work mechanism,Building Group、Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、Forest Farm Third Level Forest System Responsibility System,Determine 1991 people at all levels、Manager 9949 people。As of now,Forests at all levels have formed normalization、institutionalization。









Forestry -made plots that have just completed production operations for each forest area,According to the requirements of the group work conference "Scientifically Constructing Forest Cultivation and Business System",Established a special working group of various forestry bureaus Co., Ltd. for quality re -inspection。Working group members every one of the forestry land,All check carefully in accordance with the unified regulations、Test、Calculation、Statistics,Establish a re -inspection account one by one,All members sign on the re -inspection platform to confirm,Ensure clear responsibilities。
"The reason why it is called 'Re -examination',It is because we have bc game casinoquality guidance and follow -up supervision when we are in the forest farms,After the afforestation is over, there is a acceptance team to follow the acceptance,Now is the third inspection and verification of the quality of afforestation。"Cui Baoguo, director of the Group's Ministry of Ecology Construction, said:" Forest Cultivation is one of our three major responsibilities of the ecological civilization construction of our generation of forest workers,We have to take the courage to take responsibility、Hold the level responsible,Full element grasp the quality of forest cultivation ... "
Planting tree afforestation,Improve the ecology,Remaining for any weight。Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Longjiang Mori workers are struggling for ahead,Work hard to take care of the green mountains and green mountains,To build the northern ecological security barrier、Construction of Green Longjiang、Beautiful China contributes the power of Mori Gong。







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