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【Ecological Enterprise】 Chaihe: Planting Tree and Green Forestry Create Ecology
2024-04-29    Wang Chan    Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

  Spring is stronger and the scenery is good,Tree Planting Green at the time。Come on for even day,Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. grabbed the "Golden Period",Solidly carried out the spring of 2024, trees and afforestation warfare,Add green to the land of Longjiang with actual actions。


  A busy figure with sweaty face,A new tree seedlings swaying with the wind,It is painted into the most beautiful laborers in spring trees and afforestation ...,Cadres and staff division bc game apkof labor collaboration、Planting depth,Technical personnel to the size of the tree acupoint、Planting depth、Fitting back to the soil for careful guidance,Make sure to plant a living and a tree,Plant a piece of green。With everyone’s joint efforts,A new green house settled in the mountains,Standing in the wind,Exploring the vitality of the spring breeze,adds unlimited vitality and vitality to the green mountains of Spring Day。


  "From April 15th,Our forest farm spring afforestation work has been fully rolled out,According to the principle of adaptation of local conditions,1300 acres of afforestation have been completed now,Planting red pine and water song willow 117,000 plants。"Du Yunjiang, head of the head forest farm of Chaihe Bureau Company。

  At the same time,Each bc game casinoforest farm located in the middle of the middle of the middle of Zhonglian has also been invested in the plantation of tree planting.,From hillside to forest,From the forest land to the road,Everywhere people can see the figure of green Sat Cui。

  "This year,Chaihe Bureau Company is large in spring work、Mission weight,Plan to degenerate forests for 15,000 acres。"Relevant person in charge of the Forest Management Management Department of Chaihe Bureau Company introduced,To ensure completion of afforestation on time,15 forest farms on the mountain will invest more than 5,000 people,All afforestation tasks can be completed before May 10。


  In order to keep the quality and complete the spring afforestation mission,Chaihe Bureau Company strictly control the quality of seedlings,From the BC gameseedlings from the seedlings to the seedlings,Skills supervision on the spot、Tracking acceptance,Resolutely eliminate weak seedlings、Disease seedlings and other illegal seedlings go to the mountain,Realizing the forest -made plot and seamless docking with seedlings,Ensure that the seedling survival rate。

  At the same time,Chaihe Bureau Company actively responded to the call of the group's development of Hongsong Economic Forest,Vigorously promote the red pine fruit forest grafting project,Maximum the economy of the red pine economy forest、Social and ecological benefits,Realize greening and income income。


  Next,Chaihe Bureau will follow the deployment requirements of the group's "Ecological Construction Promotion",Vigorously promote the construction bc game casino reviewof the ecological protection and restoration system,Extensively carried out spring tree planting operations,"Adjust the structure、Gift quality、Strong Management "is the main attack direction,Continue to play the role of forest long system,Effective strengthening forest、Forest、Forest Land、Black soil arable land、Wild animals and plants、Protection and management of various tasks such as biological diversity,Build an ecological home with actual actions,Help the construction of ecological civilization in the forest area to a new level。

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