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[4.20 Tree Planting Day] "Planting" this green and green is not up to spring light -how much knows the day of Mori Gongbu
2024-04-18    Yang Hongyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

      Planting tree afforestation、Protecting forests is the deserved obligation of all citizens,Is meritorious in contemporary、The lofty cause of Li in Qianqiu,Is the Party Central Committee、A major strategy that the State President persisted for a long time。Carry out the vulgar planting trees for the whole people,It has become an effective way to promote the greening of land,An important carrier of the concept of ecological civilization,Build a vivid practice of beautiful China。Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee Based on the actual situation of ecological construction,Persist in combining obligations with ecological construction in the forest area,Combined with the climate characteristics of the whole forest area and regional distribution,In -depth promotion of obligations in the Longjiang Mori Gonglin District Obligations,April 20th every year as "Mori Gong Tree Planting Day",It aims to guide the masses of cadres and employees in Quanlin District to further solidify the awareness of ecological responsibility and plant green care。

  Staff of the Ministry of Ecological Construction of Longjiang Mori Gong Group told reporters,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District is located in northern my country,Because the temperature is low,The land of the forest area when the National Tree Planting Festival arrives on March 12 each year is still frozen,Not suitable for the planting and growth BC gameof trees。Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee Based on Ecological Construction Mission,April 20th of each year as "Mori Gongshu Day",This is also the earliest time for forestry in the Longjiang Mori Gonglin District。

  It is understood,To ensure the successful completion of various tasks of the third "Mori Gongshu Day",Longjiang Mori Gong Group is widely launched,Education guidance from the staff of the forest area to firmly establish the "increase green is increased advantage,Tree planting is the concept of planting the future ",Create a good social atmosphere of planting green love green and green。On the day of planting the tree,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Headquarters and grassroots units will carry out forestry and greening、Pure management and care、Recognition of breeding、Donation and donation、Volunteer Service、Construction of facilities,and actively invite brothers such as the public inspection law agency of the forest district public prosecution law and the forest district school to participate in the event,Vigorously plant the theme forests such as "Party Construction Forest", "Police Forest", "Carbon Huilin", "Red Scarf Forest"。At the same time,Taking the forest field (office) revitalization as the starting point,Innovative development of the "Internet+All -Police Tree Planting Tree" activity in the forest area,Continuous promotion of expansion、Xinglu、Guarding green and raising,Constantly thickening Longjiang Sen Gong's "Green Home",Realize the ecological benefits of Mori Gong、Economic benefits、Unified social benefits。

Learning  Name: Red Song

Latin Name: Pinus Koraiensis Siebold & zucc.

Vulgar  Name: North Korea pine, red fruit pine, Han Song, Guo Song, Hairo

Protection Level: National II Protection

Endangered grade: Easy to danger (vu)

Modern characteristics: bc game apkPine Kee pine,Evergreen Joemu,up to 50 meters,Chinchilla 5 stitches,6-12 cm long,Coarse and hard,Fine sawtooth on the edges; conical ovate of the ball fruit、Tarnery long ovate or ovate -long circular,Long 9-14 cm,diameter 6-8 cm; seeds of the ovary triangle,Ball fruit mature the following year。

Geographical distribution: produced in Changbai Mountain District, northeast of my country and south of Aihui, Xiaoxing'an Ridge,North Korea、Eastern Russia and northern Japan also have distribution。

Main habit: Positive tree,Young trees are more yin and resistant。Strong cold resistance,Here is born in deep fertile fertility、Good drainage、Appropriate wet and slightly acidic soil,shallow root,High root root system developed。The growth rate is medium and slow,Average artificial forest on 25 years is as high as 11.6m,chest diameter 16.8cm.

Observation Features: Heroes of the tree -shaped shape,It is advisable to be a tree species in the North Forest Park Scenic Area or Planted in the courtyard to watch。


Learning  Name: Northeast 槭

Latin Name: Acer Mandshuricum Maxim.

Vulgar  Name: White Bull, Bai Tieyu, Kuantong

Endangered grade: Easy to danger (vu)

Modern characteristics: The genus without a child with a subordinates,fallen leaves,up to 20M。3 Refused leaves,petiole length 6-11cm,Labor lanceolate or long circular pins,Edge with fine serrated。Umbrella House Flower Promotion,3-5 flowers,Yellow -green。Wing fruit brown,Flower period May-June,Fruit period August-September。

Geographical distribution: Heilongjiang、Jilin、Liaoning、Shaanxi、Gansu。

Main habit: more yin to resist,But in a place with sufficient light, autumn leaves Hongyan,Hi wet and refreshing climate and mountains with deep soil。

Observation Features: Leaf、Fruit for viewing,Autumn Guan Hongye,Yicong Qunzhu。


Learning  Name: Pentagon

Latin Name: Acer Pictum Subsp. Mono (MAXIM.) H.ohashi

Vulgar  Name: Pentagon, bc game casinocolor wooden cricket, water -colored tree, earth brocade

Endangered grade: no danger (LC)

Modern characteristics: The genus without a child with a subordinates,fallen leaves,up to 20M。Single -leaf palm -shaped 5 cracks,Umbrella House Flower Flower,Flower majority,petals 5,White。Wing fruit light yellow brown,Flower period April-May,Fruit period September to October。

Geographical distribution: Mainly produced in the mountainous area of ​​the East Northeast、North China and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River (district)。

Main habit: weak positive,Slightly yin resistance,resistant cold,Hiwen, cool and humid climate and deep mountain forest land。Putting resistance,Strong adaptability,There are very few pests and insect pests。

Observation features: autumn leaves become red or bright yellow,Freshly placed with other autumn leaf trees or evergreen trees,can be used as a court shade。Walking Tree and Landscape Forest Tree species,trimmed into a tree ball。


Learning  Name: Sanhua

Latin Name: Acer Triflorum Kom.

Vulgar  Name: Twisted tendon, umbrella flower

Endangered level: near -danger (NT)

Modern characteristics: The genus without a child with a subordinates,Fallen leaf small tree,up to 10m height。3 Refused leaves,Umbrella House Flower Promotion,With 3 flowers,Yellow -green。Wing fruit wide,Flower period April-May,Fruit period September。

Geographical distribution: produced in Heilongjiang, my country、Jilin、Liaoning。North Korea also has distribution。

Main habits: Hi Guang, moist and fertile soil.

Application range: crown big,Leaf -shaped beauty,Autumn leaves are red,It is advisable to be a sidewalk tree and courtyard、Greenland's ornamental tree species。


  1、First of all, choose no light cable for underground、Planting trees in places in cables and other important facilities,Otherwise, it is easy to destroy these facilities when the trees grow up。

  2、Dig pits,Determine the size of the pit according to the variety and size of the saplings,To ensure that the root of the trees can completely occupy the entire pit。

bc game casino  3、Planting saplings,Put your hands on the lower part of the trunk,Put the saplings in the middle of the pit,Try to maintain the vertical of the trunk as much as possible,Make sure the roots of the trees are intact and non -destructive。

  4、Cover the soil from around the saplings with iron 锹 or other tools,The first filling of the soil is about half of the high。

  5、Watering time is about half when the filling is added,This is to try to pour the filled soil as much as possible。

  6、Fill the remaining half of the soil,It is best to lay a layer of coverage layer such as leaves around the trees and reduce water rapid volatilization,You can also shield weeds。


Emperor Planting Trees of Trees Create Lin Chengsen from generation to generation

Each tree is the image of nature and life

Each tree is a symbol of immortality and eternal

In this Yangchun April

Small tree

Each grain full seed

All contain a harvest season

Let's contribute to the green home together

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