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【Ecological Enterprise】 Shanhetun: Plant new green green dye "mountain river" in spring
2024-04-11    Qu Lijiao    Shanhetun Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

The beginning of the spring,Wanmu Shengfa。To create green、neat and beautiful、Yiye and livable ecological environment,Recent,Shanhetun Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. grab the time of spring day,Actively organizing cadres and employees to set off a trees in spring,In the name of "Guardian Forest Sea", the battle for green planting in spring trees was launched。


bc game casino reviewOn both sides of the location of Phoenix Avenue,20 staff members of the Forest Management Management Department of Shanhe Tun Bureau and the Urban Sanitation Management Office are doing a method of green planting and supplement。Everyone is clear,Some cautiously support straight seedlings,Some wave shovel,Some carefully cultivate soil breeding,Also watering roots,Busy but not chaotic,A busy and orderly scene shows the entire scene。

"Current,We are planting two kinds of green seedlings:,Plan to plant nearly 2,000 red pine,602 flowers。Next,American red maple will be planted in a timely manner、Lilac、Begonia and other colorful leaves BC gameornamental trees,Continuously promoting the continuous improvement of the ecological environment in the forest area,Let a good ecological environment become the most inclusive people's livelihood。"Luo Zhan, deputy director of the Forest Management Management Department of Shanhe Tun Bureau Company, introduced。


At the same time,The forest farms (programs) on the mountain also organize cadres and employees bc game casino reviewOn both sides of the street、Suitable land digging tree pit、Plant green trees,To create an ecological forest field (in the place)、Create "planting green、Guarding Green、Love Green "civilization new wind is put into actual action。

"Our main responsibility is to protect ecological resources,Fighting Ecology、BC gameGuardian Ecology、Practitioner who builds ecology,See a green tree saplings here ‘settle down’,We all feel very fulfilling。"Liu Jichen, the head of the company Mushan Forest Farm, the company of the Shanhe Tun Bureau。

"We will continue to beautify the ecological environment of the forest farm,Fully build ‘one street, one scene”, four seasons with green natural ecological landscape,Love green with actual actions、Plant green、Guarding Green,Support high -quality development with high -quality ecological environment,Work hard to contribute to the construction of the group standardized ecological forest farm。"Jiang Jianfei, the head of the Changqing Forest bc game casinoFarm of Shanhe Tun Bureau, said。

Next,Shanhe Tun Bureau will take the "4.20" Mori Gong Tree Planting Day as an opportunity,Mobilize the power of the company to carry out tree planting activities,Efforts to make Shanhe Tun Forest District a "forest city",Make green the most beautiful background for promoting the high -quality development of Shanhetun Forest District。

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