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[Forging Ecological Iron Army] Xinglong: Forest fire prevention adds "recruits" 46 vehicles and send in place
2024-06-19    Jiao Dezhi    Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
  Insufficient number of forest fire vehicles to alleviate first -line units,Improve forest prevention and fire extinguishing effect,With the strong support of the group,Recent,Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. fully grasped bc game casinothe policy dividend of the comprehensive governance project of the high -tech fire insurance zone,For the forest field (office)、Mori Defense Professional Team Newly Opening 24 Vehicles、12 pickup trucks and 10 fire water tankers。

      At the scene of the car ritual ceremony of the forest fire transport transportation vehicle at the Xinglong Bureau Company,Orange Forest Fire Fighting Military Car、White and gray forest fireware transport pickup trucks、Red fire water tank truck neatly parking,With one order,The unit driver who accepts the new car quickly boards bc game casino reviewthe car,A special forest fire -fighting vehicle slowly drives out,Running to the forest's front line。

  "The newly distributed forest fire transportation car is light and flexible,Strong power、Strong power,It can allow us to reach the current place faster、Near the fire source、Quick rescue。"The new car key to hold in my hand,Mori Defense Team Dong Yulei said excitedly。

  It is understood,46 vehicles distributed at this vehicle delivery ceremony,Use it to be delivered to the grassroots forest field (in),Widely used in forest anti -extinguishing fast emergency response、BC Game appDevelopment of daily industrial projects1。At the same time,Increased forest fire prevention publicity and education、Improve forest fire prevention patrol、Wild fire source control control quality and efficiency will also play an important role,Effectively improve the actual combat efficiency and actual combat level of the forest fire and fire work of the Xinglong Bureau。

   Delivery ceremony scene,Hu Weimin, Minister of the Forest Fire Department of Xinglong Bureau Company, said: "As a first -line Forest Defense Team,We want to strengthen management,Make sure the vehicle'bc game casino reviews normal operation and maintenance,Ensure the life and benefits of the vehicle。At the same time,will take this activity as an opportunity,Efforts to improve your own quality and ability,Make greater contributions to the forest fire prevention work of Xinglong Forest District。”

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