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Longjiang Mori Gong Group held the Fourth Meeting of the Security Council in 2024 and forest fire and fire "May Tackling" work conference
2024-04-28    Yang Hongyu Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

morning on April 26,Longjiang Mori Gong Group held the Fourth Meeting of the Security Council in 2024 and forest fire and fire "May Tackling" work conference,Communication nationwide、The spirit of the province's forest fire prevention meeting,Report recent forest fire prevention work related situation,Analysis and judgment of the current situation,For high -fire insurance period forest defense work and safety production、Flood prevention and flood preparation work will be arranged before deployment and implementation。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Lu Shaolin attended the meeting and speak。

will be on it,Wang Liu Yang, a watcher at Zhanhe Bureau Company、Tokyo City BC gameCompany Company Forest Fire Captain Tan Xianjun、Captain Wang Qingguo, Captain of the Drone of the Oriental Red Bureau、Hebei Bureau Company is in front of the defense captain Wang Qinglin、Founder Bureau Company Hongqilin Farm Chief Zhao Donghui on behalf of the grass -roots management and control fire source、The key positions of the disposal of the fire made a typical speech。

Meeting to point out,To fully recognize the situation,Fully win the "May of May" for Mori Defense。Currently is spring plowing、Spring、The busy season for project construction,A large increase in operators entering the mountain,Forest defense situation is not optimistic。To resolutely overcome paralysis thoughts and fluke psychology,Further arrangement and implementation of related work,Effective fire responsibility must be compacted、The people's defense must be built again、Early warning monitoring must be encrypted、Fire source control must be strict、The hidden risk hazards must be investigated、Emergency preparation must be fully、Work discipline must be strict,Resolutely bc game apkkeep the "Three None" bottom line goals,Resolutely prevent and curb heavy production safety accidents,Ensure the safety of forest resources and employees and people's lives and property。

Conference emphasized,To be based on "two firsts",Benevolence at the end of the work safety。All units、Each department must strictly implement the responsibility of the enterprise and the "three -tube and three must" responsibilities,Focus on key industries,Do a good job of work safety。The focus should be promoted in the three -year operation of the safety production.,Focus on key areas of production safety、Difficulty Questions,Promoting hidden dangers tackling、Strong base solid book、improvement of effectiveness; deepen in the investigation of hidden dangers,Keep an eye on key areas、Key areas、Key parts、Key units comprehensively self -inspection and self -inspection and self -reform,Make sure the hidden dangers of "stock" are truly eliminated;,Organization Multi -channel、Multi -form safety publicity and education action,Promote the comprehensive improvement bc game casinoof the safety and quality of employees; strict management in key areas,Focusing on the field of key industries,Further promote the implementation of fire safety responsibilities,Strictly prevent accidents; to increase efficiency in supervision and inspection,Comprehensive use of "Four Nothing and Two Strains"、Mingcan Danno Visits and other forms,Extension、penetrating inspection,Make sure to do one of the other three,Hidden dangers "Clear Zero"。

Conference emphasized,Early arrangement of deployment,Do your best to prepare for flood prevention and flood preparation。To strengthen the plan management,Science improvement overall plan,Refined special plan,Optimized emergency response starting condition,Ensure the use of pragmatic management for plans; strengthen material guarantee,Reserve various types of emergency supplies in full amount in accordance with regulations,Especially for strengthening insurance workers、Important embankment、Material reserves in key parts of the reservoir;,In -depth risk hidden dangers investigation operation,Establish work BC gameledger,Rectification in place on time;,Standardize setting in a shelter place、Foreign and Surrounding Sign Labies,Do a good job of emergency supplies; strengthen emergency drills,Abandon "Flower Shelf",Daxing strong wind,Comprehensiveization、Real fierce flood prevention emergency drill,Effectively improve the team's actual combat ability。

The meeting was held in the form of a video。The responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the group attended the meeting at the main venue。Leaders in charge of all units、Relevant departments responsible comrades,The responsible comrades of the Forest Fire Brigade attended the meeting at each branch venue。The responsible comrades and relevant personnel of each forest farm attended the meeting through the Tencent meeting。


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