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[Forging Ecological Iron Army] Dahai Forest: "Mori Railway Army Training Camp" opened a high standard forging "Forest Guardians"
2024-05-06    Zhang Yue Tian Zhaojun Zhang Dong    Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

  "Look right、Look forward、Bo step ... "Entering the training ground of the forest fire brigade of Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Forest firefighters BC Game appare taking a strong pace,Traveling forward neatly。

  Comprehensive ability to comprehensively improve the prevention and saving forest fire of the forest fire team,Ensure that firefighters can master various operation skills,Improve actual combat ability to deal with forest fires,The Training Course of the Dahai Forestry Bureau's "Sen Defense Iron Army Training Camp" was officially opened recently。



  "This time we selected 21 of the forest fire teams at all levels to bring back the backbone for centralized reinforcement BC Game apptraining,After the training team members passed the assessment,It will play the role of soldiers in this unit,Carry out military training、Safety Relief Teaching,Comprehensive improvement of the emergency guarantee capabilities of the field -level fire team,Efforts to forge the sea forest is strong ‘Forest Anti -Army’ team ”。Chen Yang, deputy director of the forest fire prevention department of the military queue action training on the spot, introduced reporters to reporters。

  This training course is 4 days,Adopt semi -closed BC gamemanagement mode,The training content is based on the technique of conventional forest fire prevention and fire -resistant equipment use,Military queue is also set up in particular、Range Roll Destroyer Operation、GPS operation、Simulation Fire、Six professional subjects including windproof drilling machine maintenance and maintenance and safety shelter。



  "During the training process,I will learn from actual combat skills、Military queue action、The operating method of the bearing fireproof and the precise operation of the GPS,I bc game apkhope that through this training, I will continue to refine my skill level,Give full play to your advantages,Perform your responsibilities better "。Yongan Forest Farm Captain Zhao Zhenwei said。

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