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[Forging Ecological Iron Army] Eight Sides: Carry out "Longwei 2024-1" Forest Fire Disposal Exercise
2024-04-29    Wang Lihong Hou Bin Zhao Sicong    Eight Face Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

  In order to comprehensively improve the ability of forest fire to save the ability and emergency response level,Recent,Eight-faced Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. launched the "Longwei 2024-1" forest fire extinguishing real soldier exercise。

  Disciples according bc game casino reviewto "Police Disposal、Movement of troops、Movement of troops、Equipment delivery、Emergency avoidance、Emergency avoidance、Exercise Summary "process。Disciples to cause a fire to burn straw、The fire quickly spreads into analog scene,The company's forest fire prevention headquarters immediately launched a fire emergency plan after receiving the alarm,Forest Fire Brigade quickly dispatched,Go to the scene for rescue urgently。



  On the fire simulation site,The dispatcher quickly determines the location of the fire source by manipulating the drone、After researching and BC Game appjudging the fire,Mori Headquarters immediately adopts multi -line advance、Tactic tactics of comprehensive enclosure,Quickly control the fire,Blocking and saving the bright fire。

  60 people with a total of 60 people,Invest various types of fire protection、Eight vehicles,20 wind power extinguishing machines and 1 drone,Fully tested the rapid response ability and actual combat ability of the Firefire team in the forest area,Reached the expected effect。

  During the exercise,,Eight -Face Tong Bureau Company also surrounds complex terrain such as mountains,Carried out BC gamea three -dimensional delivery training for drones,Further breaks through the regional conditional limit,Make fire prevention materials transportation not only save time and effort,It also greatly improves transportation efficiency and personnel safety guarantee。



  Next,Eight -Face Tong Bureau will follow the work requirements of the Group's "implementation of the safety responsibility",Continue to "promote training with training、Methods to prepare for war,Efforts to forge a strong ability、Style hard、Good Mori Fang Iron Army,Fully create "Air inspections、bc game casino reviewRemote monitoring、Ground Patrol "Trinity Patrol Mode,Resolutely keep the bottom line of the "Three None of them",Contributions to the green mountains and green mountains to protect the green water of Longjiang Mori Gonglin District。

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