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[Forging Ecological Iron Army] Chaihe: "Fire" Speed ​​Action Real Soldiers Discipline Building Forest Fire "Safety Network"
2024-04-16    Wang Chan Zheng Wenchao    Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

To effectively grasp the work of spring forest fire and fire,Comprehensively improve the emergency combat reserve of the forest fire prevention team、Quick response and on -site disposal ability,Recent,Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.。

"Report,Black Cow Back Forest Farm 11 Forest Corporation Discovery Fire! "7 am,The Forest Fire Headquarters of Chaihe Bureau Company received an observation of fire report from the observation tower,After confirming GPS positioning and fire,The Fire Headquarters quickly launched the "2024 Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. to save the forest fire emergency BC Game appbc game apkplan",Arrange professional fire extinguishing forces to participate in rescue,rush to the front line of the fire field,Chaihe "Longwei 2024-1" Forest Fire Destroyer Disciples Exercise, which kicks off the prelude。

 According to the development of the fire field,Chaihe Bureau's Fire Headquarters immediately formulated "West -West Fire isolation、Multi -point cutting in the north、Fire tactics of flames of two -way troops,With the order of the instruction,Firefire players、Rescue team member、Firewater and other more than 200 people quickly assembled,Go to the front line to carry out rescue。



 The fire field fire is fierce、According to the terrain。The front line of the front line uses the drone air reconnaissance circle to set the fire field,Dis -Disable area opens fire prevention line,According to the terrain、Wind direction and other factors to judge fire,and take the west side as a key defense zone,Open the isolation BC gamebelt in the forest margin with fire burning method,BC Game appArrange other players at the same time from the lower air outlet to close the fire,The soldiers are divided into two roads to use one dragon in -type rescue method to fight、Forming a combination。Because the fire field is a galco swamp zone,Large load of combustible materials,Coupled with the wind direction mutation during the rescue period,There are many places to re -ignite,Two West Bedi amphibious pump car car carried water pump、Fire truck remote water supply,Firefire players carry No. 2 tool、Water Gun, etc.,Crossing the Fire,Emergency Shelter Breakout,The medical ambulance team conducted emergency treatment of the injured firefire players。

 After all parties cooperate with all parties and intense rescue,Fire is effectively controlled,Forest farm employees are all transferred to a safe zone for treatment。Subsequent,Clear ideas for each branch、Cooperation BC gametacit understanding、Work together,Take the warfare of the combat method of bc game apk"while fighting and clear",Make sure the "Three Nothing" standard。After the fire field acceptance is qualified,Each Firefire Squadron、Brother Units Firefire Fire Team orderly evacuate the fire field,Black Bull Back Forest Farm Stratedress Firefield,The exercise ended successfully。



It is understood,This exercise invested a total of inputs including Chaihe Forest Fire Brigade、Group force、Eight Forest -level Fire Fire Teams such as Erdao、Forestry Vocational and Technical College、Fire Brigade、Police Station、Chaihe Town Fire Team、220 people in Chaihe Forest Farm and other personnel in Hailin City,Use command vehicle、Marketing car、bus、Pickup、amphibious pump car、Firewater、Ambulance、Police cars and other 24 vehicles,280 relief machines (sets),Two drones,A part of relay platform,50 intercom,GPS10 part。

BC game"Through exercise,Comprehensively inspected our command BC Game appscheduling、Quick response、Forces transport、Coordination and cooperation、Safety Fire and Emergency Affairs and other fires,Improving the systemicization of fire extinguishing power、Real warization、Precision、Battle preparation level,It provides a strong guarantee for protecting forest resources。We must tighten the string of fire prevention at all times,Strictly wait,Keep the status of combat reserve,Pressing Forest Fire Responsibility,Efforts to forge forest fire iron troops,Fully builds an ecological security barrier。"The Party Committee Secretary of the Chaihe Bureau Company、Chairman Li Bo said。

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