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【International Forest Day】 Longjiang Mori Gong Group invites you to "forest" and "forest" symbiosis
2024-03-22    Wang Tianchi    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

March 21 is the 12th International Forest Day,This year's theme is "Forest and Innovation: Innovation Solution,Create a more beautiful new world "。



As a large state -owned ecological public welfare enterprise,Longjiang Mori bc game apkGong Group under the jurisdiction of the key state -owned forest area of ​​forest operations is 6.5857 million hectares,14%of the land area of ​​Heilongjiang Province,Forest accumulation of 684 million cubic meters,Forest coverage rate reaches 84.72%。

Evaluation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry,As of the end of 2020,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Forest and Wetland Assets total value 2.8 trillion yuan,annual ecological service value of 516.21 billion yuan,annual output value of 26.4%is local income,40.42%is the provincial BC gamearea and national income,33.11%is global income。Current,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Forest and Wetland Resource Assets value has remained at an average annual growth of more than 157.3 billion yuan。



Development,Longjiang Mori Gong Group adheres to "ecological enterprise",Fully protect forest resources,Actively build enterprises into a "demonstration place" for the construction of national ecological civilization、Practicing the "Leading Land" of "Great Food"、The "precedent" and "two mountains" value conversion of the forest BC Game appcarbon exchange economy and the "main position" of the construction of the northern ecological security barrier。

Now,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Camp Forest Greening、Forest Tourism Care、Forest food and other green industries are growing up,Green Water Qingshan is becoming an enterprise、Employee's Jinshan Yinshan。



Let more green shade protect the beautiful home,Need everyone to do it with little things。Let us all become environmentally friendly practitioners and advocates,Persist in fulfilling the obligation of tree planting、Love green and green,Save the BC Game appforest resources around you as much as possible。I believe as long as each of us is doing its best,It will definitely make our forest area more beautiful、More livable。

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