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​​Community forestry can simultaneously realize the reduction of forestry and poverty reduction
2019-06-18    Ding Hongmei    China Green Times

Newspaper  According to World Science and Technology Research News Information Network,Recent,Discovery of the International Expert Team led by the University of Manchester,Community forest management reduces the forest from 37%,Poverty is relatively reduced by 4.3%。This find,It is currently the largest bc game apkstudy of community forestry。

This study evaluated Nepal's community -based forest management and pointed out,For low -income countries like Nepal,Community forest management is particularly important。In Nepal,1/4 of the population manages more than 1/3 of the forest nationwide。There are more than 18,000 community forests in Nepal。For decades,Nepal has been actively promoting community forest management。

Forest is important for sustainable development,Can absorb carbon from the atmosphere,Regulate global climate,Protect biological diversity,and the local people who lived in forests around the bc game apkworld solved the livelihood problem。

In the past 40 years,Governments and international organizations of various countries actively promote community -based forest initiatives,To combine the protection of natural resources with human development。Global,Local community legally manages about 13%of the forests in the world。but,Evaluation evidence of the impact of community forest management in the past is mostly limited to small or narrow range。

This study at the national level indicates,Community forest management has achieved obvious win -win results on the people and the environment of the entire country。Practice bc game casinoproof of Nepal,When land rights are guaranteed,Local communities can protect resources and prevent environmental degradation。The reduction of forest cutting is not at the cost of sacrificing the local well -being。Areas where community forest management is more likely to reduce forest cutting and poverty at the same time。

Cooperative researchers、Professor Mark Whitota of Newcastle University said: "To balance the sustainable management of the environment and the needs of human beings or wishes,。Community forest management is a positive solution。”

This research is ecologist、Cross -disciplinary teams composed of economists bc game casinoand political scientists complete,Comprehensive analysis of the forest -destruction data based on satellite images and the nationally population census data and the forest data of more than 18,000 communities。(Ding Hongmei)

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