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Memories of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization was held in Beijing
2018-03-28    Jiao Yuhai Pan Chunfang    China Green Times

  3month26Day,The Asia -Pacific Forest Restore International Conference and the 10th Anniversary Review of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization opened in Beijing。The meeting is "Share Forest Recovery Experience,Coordinated Regional Forestry Development "as the theme,Promote all member states to work together,Coordinated the coordinated development of regional forestry。

  Deputy Director of the State Forestry Administration Peng You Dong、Chairman of the board of directors of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization Zhao Shu Cong、The former director of the State Forestry Administration Jia Zhibang、Wu Hailong, President of the Chinese People's Foreign Affairs Society、Minister of Forestry Forestry Ohi· Nakamu、Chen Jinsen, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia、President of Papua New Guinea National Forest Commission David Davida Tataoa and others attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech。From the Asia -Pacific region30Minister of multiple economies、Senior officials of international organizations、Diplomatic envoys and representatives at home and abroad300Many people attend the meeting.

  To implement the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC) The common commitment of leaders at the 15th meeting,2008In the year, the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization was established in China.10For the year,Asia -Pacific Forest Organization is committed to promoting forest recovery and sustainable operation of the Asia -Pacific region,It has developed into a summary of forest recovery experience in the Asia -Pacific region、Promotion and Demonstration Platform,Regional forestry exchanges and cooperation deepened bonds,Help forestry talent exchange training and important partners of the "Belt and Road" construction。Current,Asia -Pacific Forest Organizations31Member is mainly composed of developing economies in the Asia -Pacific region.

  Peng Youdong said,The Chinese government has always attached great importance to forest recovery,Started and implemented the three north protective forests、Natural Forest Protection、Returning farmland and returning forests and grass、Ecological engineering such as Beijing -Tianjin Fengsha source governance,Continue to carry out large -scale land greening operations,Average annual afforestation66010,000 hectares。After years of unremitting efforts,China Forest Restore has achieved world -renowned achievements,Forest coverage rate was in the early stages of the founding of New China8.6%improvement to21.66%, the forest area reaches2.08billion hectares, the preserved area of ​​the artificial forest reached693310,000 hectares,Living in the world first。Future,China will continue to promote forest recovery and sustainable development,BC gameLarge -scale promotion of land greening,Strengthen desertification、Shi desertification、Comprehensive governance of soil and soil loss,Strengthen wetland protection and recovery,Improve natural forest protection,Expansion of returning farmland and returning forests and grass,Optimize ecological corridor and biological diversity protection network,Improve the quality and stability of the ecosystem,Speed ​​up the ecological security system with forest grass planting as the main body。The National Forestry Administration of China will continue to support the development of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization as always,One economy in the Asia -Pacific region,Promote regional forestry cooperation,Promoting regional forest recovery,To achieveAPEC2020Sydney Forestry Objectives, "UN Forest Strategic Plan (2017-2030Years), United Nations "2030Annual Sustainable Development Agenda "and build a positive contribution to building a community of human destiny。

  Zhao Shu Cong said,Ten years of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization,Is the side practice、Discovery、Summary、Ten Years of Development,It is ten years that all members are working together,It is ten years for the forestry development strategy of serving the member economy,Is in line with the development trend of the world forestry、Ten years of actual demand for forestry in the service area。Future,We will continue to persist in acting priority、Member's actual needs are preferred,Persist in opening up and complementary and multi -party participation,One with the member economy,bc game casino reviewEstablish respect for nature、conforms to nature、The concept of protecting nature,Promoting ecological civilization,Promoting regional pragmatic cooperation,Promoting regional forest recovery,Service Construction respect for nature、Regional ecosystem of green development,Service Construction Area Ecological Community,Services to build a community of human destiny。

  Osi· Nakamu said,Forest is the cradle of human beings,It is a home that all kinds of animals and plants live in,It is also the largest carbon library in the land ecosystem。Fiji60%The land area is forest,Forest plays an important role in national economic and social development。Over the years,The Fiji government spares no effort to participate in the process of responding to climate change,Introducing the development strategy at the national level,Start the afforestation and re -afforestation project,Restore degraded land and coastline,Efforts to ensure that every rare species is immortal。I hope that the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization will continue to help support Fiji's forest recovery and development,I also wish the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization for a complete successful success。

  Jia Zhibang and Wu Hailong are advocates established by the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization、Promotioner and witness,Witness the ten -year extraordinary journey of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization。They said,The establishment of the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization conforms to the world trend,Development of ten years into the Asia -Pacific region forest recovery、BC gameForest operations have made useful explorations,It has made important contributions to the sustainable development of the global forest。I hope that the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization will continue to play their respective advantages,Cooperation and win -win,Promote the Asia -Pacific Forest Fast and Better Development,Blessings for human society,Add color to the beautiful earth。

  At the meeting, the Lanmei Basin cross -border wildlife protection mechanism and China-ASEAN Forestry Science and Technology Cooperation Mechanism。These two mechanisms are regional cooperation mechanisms established by the Asia -Pacific Forest Organization,will be committed to promoting cross -border wildlife protection and forestry scientific research cooperation。

  The Asia -Pacific region has the richest world in the world、The most unique forest ecosystem,Forest area accounts for more than half of the world。In recent years,Thanks to China、Vietnam's large -scale land greening and tree planting,The rapid decline in the rapid decline in the overall forest resources of the Asia -Pacific forest,But still facing the forest excessive development、Lower quality、Operation is extensive、Forest Degeneia and other challenges。

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