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【Talent Strong Enterprise】 Heilongjiang Forestry Senior Technical School: Carry out the first batch of vocational skills level identification in 2024
2024-05-13    Meng Lingming    Heilongjiang Forestry Senior Technical School Limited Company

Recent,Heilongjiang Forestry Senior Technical School launched the first batch of vocational skills level recognition in 2024,It aims to further improve the professional skills of the school's fresh bc game apkgraduates,To better adapt to the needs of future jobs。


  This skill level recognition is divided into two professional workers: harmful biological prevention and electrical workers,Take the theoretical written test and the actual operation method of the scene,Practical biological identification、Prevention measures、Circuit installation and tuning and other content,Certificate assessment of 81 fresh graduates of the school。

  Through the theoretical written test and on -site actual operation,Comprehensively BC Game apptested the theoretical skills and professional skills of the students,shows everyone’s good professional literacy。Students have said,Through the assessment,Have a clearer understanding of your professional skills,I found my own shortcomings and deficiencies,Direction of further strengthening learning in the future



  It is understood,To carry out the work of this skill level,The school holds many test work deployment meetings,Careful plan announcement、Identification bc game apkplan arrangement、Determine Management Registration、Implementation plan formulation、The process link of the examination organization arrangement,Make every effort to ensure that the determination work is smooth and orderly。

  Next,The school will focus on strengthening the establishment of the evaluation system of skill talents,Actively explore the diversified evaluation mechanism of professional skills level,Make a solid foundation for the quality incremental increase in BC gamethe province,Contributions to the promotion of the high -quality development of Longjiang Mori Gong Group。

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