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2023 National Foreign -related Nursing Education Research Association held at the Provincial Forestry Health School
2023-10-24    Niu Fangfang    Provincial Forestry Health School


   To promote the construction of foreign -related nursing specialty,Promoting college exchanges and cooperation,October 20th to 21st,hosted by the National Foreign Nursing Education Research Association,The deputy chairman unit Hi Longjiang Forestry Health School hosted by the 2023 National Foreign -related Nursing Education Research Association BC Game appWork Conference was held。Leaders from 26 large technical colleges and universities across the country、Teachers and related business staff attended the meeting。

   During the meeting,Participants listened to the work report of the National Foreign Nursing Education Research Association and the next development plan,Exchange experience of foreign -related nursing professional construction,Learned foreign -related nursing professional English classroom teaching and extracurricular English ability training courses,Analysis of the status quo of studying abroad and overseas employment market for foreign -related care。Luo Jibao, President of the Provincial Forestry Health School, was elected BC gameas the chairman of the new council。 


   It is understood,The National Foreign -related Nursing Education Research Association is approved by the National Health Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee,Established in Chengde, Hebei on July 16, 2007。The purpose and task of the Research Society is within the scope specified by the charter of the Health Education Teaching Steering Committee,Study on the national foreign nursing education work、Guidance and service,Education and teaching quality of foreign -related nursing specialties,Promoting teaching level and management level,Show foreign -related nursing education and teaching and research BC Game appresults,Strengthen the communication between colleges and universities,Promote the construction and development of foreign nursing major in various universities


   Heilongjiang Forestry Health School was born because of its characteristics,Reading with the color of the feeling。School English direction teaching results radiation nationwide,Demonstration and leading role in the industry。The school has fifteen consecutive years of foreign -related nursing professional IELTS test to go abroad for more than 97%,The first institutions of the country; the pass rate of Saudi Arabia Registered Nurse Examination is 78%. First place; two consecutive bc game casino reviewtimes to participate in the 45th、46 World Skills Contest "Health and Social Care" competition trials,All three players were selected as the national training team。


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