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Vocational College of Ecological Engineering: "Deep Investigation" Find the question "Guangwen Strategy" to give real moves
2023-05-25    Chen Qi    Vocational College of Ecological Engineering

  Deepen the ability to build a "work implementation year" activity,Heilongjiang Ecological Engineering Vocational College insisted、Bring a subject、With thinking、The "Four Belt" working method and "strict with opinions"、True、fine、real、Quick "five kinds of style,In -depth investigation and research work。The members of the team investigate the problem with investigation,Opening the development for development,Make sure the "lesion" of finding the problem,Proposal to solve the problem of "good recipes"。



BC gameIn the early stage of the research work,Members of the Party Committee of the College arrangement BC gameand bc game casinodeployment of the research work,Focus on key issues in the high -quality development of the college、Complex issues in deepening reforms、Difficulties in teaching、Core issues in daily management and risk control、The people's livelihood problem that teachers and students are anxious、Specific problems of the party's construction and deepening ability,Research on the idea、Muting to the key point,Effectively avoid "tie" and "repeat" survey,Do not take a form、Do not walk the scene。






See the effectiveness on the word "true" to ensure that the focus is not dispersion.Members of the Party Committee of the College Based on Responsibilities、Tightly connect to actual,Highlighting work focus,Fully combined with the understanding of the truth and the in -depth research thinking,For "student employment、Logistics support、Learning Team、Special Rectification、Logistics support、Party Construction Model and Cultural Education ", bc game apkBC Game appincluding 7 key problems, carry out research work。Since April,Establish 4 items of people's livelihood projects,For the training building、The office building for a total of 2600 square meters of public areas and 11 bathrooms for student apartments for overall transformation。At the same time,Formulate the project construction goals of the future college,Determine 13 construction projects。






Make good strategies on the word "fine" to ensure targeted force.The members of the college team each focus on the "research direction", "who goes to investigate", "where to investigate", "when to investigate", "research purpose" and other aspects,Listen to all aspects of opinions and suggestions,Research and formulating specific plans、Method Method and Work Requirements,Carry out immersive surveys、Experience research、Analysis of research, etc.,Inspect the truth、Anatomical Sparrow,Research the problem thoroughly、Remove the measures to bc game casinobc game casino reviewimplement。Based on the 12 aspects proposed by the Group's Party Committee and the content of the research topic in 7 aspects of the college,Get 55 "suggestions and suggestions" from party members and teachers in the hospital,Further clarified the problem that the college can solve at the moment and before the end of the year。






Do an article on the word "real" to ensure that the implementation is strong.Members of the college team are based on the standard of "new era ecological answers",Put down the shelf、Put your body and listen to the demands of frontline teachers and employees,Communicate with you face to face。Facing the college enrollment work,Team members bring teams to visit 43 companies,Organize 29 games in a job fair,Push employment position 5979 for students。April 26,Organize 70 companies to host internship employment spring campus double selection meetings,Provide students with more than 500 jobs。






Style on the word "fast" to ensure that it bc game casinoBC gameis completed at full speed.During the research process,Take the "three special" rectification work as an opportunity,Supervisor and promote self -examination and self -examination of the ability of various departments,List the question list、Clear rectification time limit。Organized the mobilization deployment meeting once、2 times of the Party Committee、Work Promotion Association 6 times,In -depth research on the grassroots at the first time,Master the latest situation for the first time,The "second half of the article" of the investigation work and the "three special" governance work with the fastest actions。







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