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Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College: Create a new era "Cradle of Great Power Craftsmen"
2023-04-03    Zhang Muqiu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

  New journey、New mission、New as a。As a typical experience exchange unit of the 2023 Working Conference of Longjiang Senong Group,Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College always upholds "Xiu Deqiang、Tree Tree Man "educational features,Actively implement the "Talent Enterprise" policy,Height starting point plan、High standard construction,Efforts to build a high -level high -quality college,Contributing talent for the construction of a modern Xinton Gong。




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Speaking of Xu Yan、Wang Zongjing,Almost well -known in the Longjiang Mori Gonglin District,But more people only know that they are "Longjiang Craftsman",But I do n’t know that they are from the same school -Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College (hereinafter referred to as Forestry Vocational College)。As a higher vocational college directly under the Longjiang Mori Gong Group,In recent years,Under the leadership of the group party committee,Based on Longjiang,Facing forest area,Strengthening "Green Longjiang" and "Ecological Revitalization" political responsibility,Practice "Education for the Party with practical actions、Mission for National Education "。





  Wang Zongjing 




Lide Shi people show the characteristics of Xiude



Thoughts of Politics,Teachers led students to visit and study at the Eight Women Investment Jiangu Memorial Hall in BC gameMudanjiang City,Pursue red memory、Perform the Red Spirit、Inheritance Red Gene、赓 Renewal of red blood,Draw the forgiving power。Students are explaining the vivid explanation of the interpreter,Mind returns to the historical years of life and blood to defend national dignity in the Northeast Anti -Federation,Feel the hard work、The unforgettable years of the magnificent waves,Feel the indestructible patriotic feelings of the heroes。
Forestry Vocational College fully play the role of the main channel of ideological and political classroom,Promoting Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics into textbooks、Entering the classroom、Enter the branch、Enter the brain。
Over the years,Forestry Vocational College always adheres to the fundamental task of standing in the ethics,Putting moral education in the first place,Take a series of effective measures to comprehensively improve the quality of education。






Give full play to the function of teaching and education,Cooperation with nearly 20 patriotic education bases,Organize nearly 16,000 students for on -site teaching,Promote students to establish the feelings of family countries; give full play to the function of professional education and education,Digging ideological and political elements in daily teaching,Fully promote "Curriculum Political Political",5 courses to establish provincial curriculum ideological and political demonstration courses; give play to cultural education function,Leading "Xiude Lecture Hall" as a lead,Create cultural activity brands such as "Hello Campus" and "Singing Campus"; exert environmental BC Game appeducation function,Carefully create a "garden -style" campus,Realizing the campus spring in the campus、Autumn Reward,Xia Yin、Winter green beautification effect,Simultaneous education for the natural environment and the human environment。




Through a series of innovative measures,The moral education work of the Forestry Vocational College is fully affirmed by the Provincial Education Working Committee。2022,The achievements of ideological and political teaching have won special prizes in the province's education and teaching achievements,16 teachers from the college won the May Day Labor Medal、Models of labor models and other honorary titles,The coach team of the Woodworking Project of the World Skills Contest won the "National Workers Pioneer",The college has been awarded the provincial -level civilized unit pacesetter、Provincial Civilized Campus。 







Strong skills lead the cultivation of "big country craftsmen" 


As a professional college,Cultivating the "Great Power Craftsman" is the requirements of the era of a strong country,It is a goal of unremitting pursuit of vocational colleges。
Deepen the connotation construction around "strong technology",Forestry Vocational College continues to promote teaching reform,Establish "Luban Artisan Class",Cultivated the first person in China in the Woodworking Project of the World Skills Competition; starting the "Competition Leading" project,Adhere to "promoting learning with the race、Promote teaching with the race、Promote reform with the race、Principles with Saiqiang ",Building the department game、Courtyard、Provincial competition、National Tournament、World bc game apkTournament Five -level Vocational Skills Competition System,Industry standards、Job requirements are integrated into the competition standard;、Youth Teacher School -Enterprise Cooperation Guidance Team,Improve students' training level; build 2 provincial -level skill contest training bases and 1 national World World Championship training base,Provide training for the top players in national events; organize various skill competitions,Formation from bottom to top layer selection、The competitive atmosphere of the compulsory prize。




In recent years,Students from Forestry Vocational College won 16 national awards、More than 300 items of provincial and ministerial awards,Participate in the World Competition 3,Cultivate 7 people in the national team players,Won the honorary titles of "National Technical Expert" and "Longjiang Big Craftsman" 18 people,Zhang Zhigang appeared in emerging、Xu Yan、Wang Yanfu and other outstanding national expert coaches。 





Give play to the advantage to help the construction of Xinden Workers






Recent,At the Holy Longjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College drone training base,A drone is flexible and free under the control of the "flying hands" of Shuangyashan Forest District。The roar of the propeller's roar,The last drone landed steadily,It marks the official ending of the 20 -day drone driver training。



"Our school and Shuangyashan Bureau Company jointly formulated a training plan for drone technical talents,Putting drone professional skills training with forest fire prevention、Forest Resources Survey、Ecological disease defense test、Media publicity organic bc game casino reviewcombination,Fully strives to build a modern Xindori Industry Training Professional Talents,Also made positive contributions to serving 'Green Longjiang'。"Nanying said。
This year,Forestry Vocational College established the Mori Gong drone technology center,Train more than 200 driver drivers for 23 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,Help the province's "smart forestry" construction。








At the same time,Forestry Vocational College according to the arrangement of the party committee of the group,Give full play to professional advantages,Actively serving Xinsen Gong。College of Accounting Industry to conduct financial consulting and internal control management for more than 40 enterprises and institutions in our province; integrate remote sensing、Professional resources of drones,Serving the national forest carbon exchange pilot project; relying on information and new media technical advantages,Carry out e -commerce training for the forest area,Promote employment in forest areas; build a wooden craft innovation design studio,Promote the development of the cultural and creative market in Longjiang regional; for the development of the forestry industry,Organize more than 30,000 people with various technical training,Provide talents and technical support for Green Longjiang and Ecological Revitalization。




















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