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Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College Admissions! See if it is suitable for you
2022-03-08        Information Platform of Heilongjiang Vocational and Technical College


  The spirit of the document of the Provincial Admissions Institute,Combined with the actual situation of our hospital,Fill in our 2022 single recruitment in our hospital、Exams and other related matters notification as follows: 




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  March 15, 2022 9:00-March 18th at 15:00,Candidates log in to the Heilongjiang Admissions Exam Information Port(www.lzk.hl.cn)Enter " under the" Network News Center "In 2022"" Fill in. Candidates can choose "Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College", choose a professional you like. 







  2. Test methods and time 






  Test methods 


  The impact of the epidemic,This year's single -recruitment test adopted a remote interview with a network。All candidates who apply for our college,All must participate in online interviews (comprehensive quality test),Test scope mainly includes language expression ability、Communication and coordination ability、Thinking analysis ability、Professional skills、Comprehensive quality and other aspects。 





  Test time 


  March 27 to April 12, 2022, divided into two stages. 


  The first stage: March 27, 2022.Candidates participate in the network remote interview organized by the college。Before April 1,The first stage of admission bc game apkresults and the remaining plans were announced on the college's official website。 

  Phase II: April 10, 2022.Candidates who have not been admitted in the first stage,You can register for participation on the premise that there are still surplus plans in our hospital,and the website of the College ( before 17:00 on April 8th (www.hljlzy.com) Perform a second supplement,The second stage still uses the method of remote interviews of network。By April 12th,Release the second phase of admission results on the official website of the college。 








  3, admission 




  According to the network remote interview results,Principles with scores priority,Admission in the plan。The college will go to the Provincial Recruitment Institute to go through the admission procedures before April 15th,issue an admission notice。 







  4. Special explanation 




  1. Candidates who take the higher vocational single examination,It can only be accepted by a higher vocational college; 

  2. Candidates who are officially admitted by higher vocational colleges,Can't participate in the general college entrance examination of the province in 2022 

  3. Candidates who are officially admitted by higher vocational colleges,The physical examination of the general college entrance examination candidates of the province in 2022, which must participate in each city (local) organization,Qualification of medical examinations can be officially enrolled,Otherwise, the admission result will be invalid。 









  Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College 

  2022 Single Admissions Professional and Plan 







  College Address: No. 99, Cultural Street, Aimin District, Mudanjiang City 

  Admissions Consultation bc game casinoHotline: 13704532555 Teacher Ding 

  URL: www.hljlzy.com 






  Introduction to the College 


  Heilongjiang Forestry Vocational and Technical College is approved by the Heilongjiang Provincial Government、The Ministry of Education File,Public bobby for enrollment nationwide、Full -time ordinary higher vocational colleges。The college is located in the beautiful scenery of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province,More than 7,000 students in the school。 

  The college was founded in 1958,There is a School of Ecological Engineering、School of Home Engineering、School of Economics Management、School of Urban Construction、School of Information Engineering、School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering、Seven secondary colleges of the School of Humanities and the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research Department、Sports Teaching and Research Department、Ten teaching departments of the Training Department,Is a collection of forestry、Engineering、Management、Mechanical and Electrical、Finance、Several categories of human education,Linke education with distinctive high -vocational colleges。Now 37 majors are opened,Among them, furniture design and manufacturing、Photography measurement and remote sensing technology、Electrical automation technology 3 majors are the second batch of the country's second batch of modern apprenticeships in the province; furniture、Forestry、Surveying and mapping、Finance、Five professional groups in automobiles are high -level colleges and universities key construction BC gameprofessional groups。5) with provincial high -level online open courses,National Excellent Resources Sharing Course 1,Winning 1 item of the first prize of the results of vocational education and teaching in Heilongjiang Province,Second prize 6 items。Provincial 1+X Certificate System Pilot Certificate 12。 

  The college covers an area of ​​50 million square meters,Among them, the campus covers an area of ​​364,000 square meters,Construction area 179,500 square meters,Elegant campus environment,The reputation of "Danjiang First Garden" is known。 

  The college is committed to creating a high -level "double teacher" structure professional teaching team,326 full -time teachers,Among them, 53 professors; doctoral、145 master's degree teachers; 222 "dual teachers" quality teachers; 5 provincial teaching teachers。Furniture design and manufacturing professional and garden technology teaching team is the provincial excellent teaching team。The college World Skills Competition team won the second prize of the provincial science and technology progress award,At the same time, the first batch of "dual -teacher" teacher team construction of the first batch of national vocational colleges is a typical case title。 

  College insists on school -enterprise collaborative pension,In -depth promotion of integration of production and education,established long -term stable cooperative relationships with 171 large and medium -sized enterprises in China,Among them, more than 100 companies have become the college's "combination of engineering" BC gametop -level internship base。Strong schooling strength、higher education and teaching quality and the broad employment prospects of graduates,attracted a large number of students to come to study,Graduate employment rate and employment quality are always at the forefront of higher vocational colleges in the province,It has formed a good situation with smooth exports。 

  New era、New journey,College will adhere to "Xiu Deqiang,Tree Tree Man "school motto,Taking "Construction Vocational School" as the development goal,"One -one strengthened、Two wings are expanded、Lin Xingteli、Deji Smart "is a development strategy,Focus on improving the quality of talent training,Taking service economic and social development as its responsibility,Based on Forestry、Facing Longjiang,Service Northeast,Radiation nationwide,Take the connotative development road,Constantly improve the level of running school,Make new contributions to the development of national vocational education and vocational skills talents。 







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