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Group Headquarters organized the team to carry out traffic safety knowledge learning activities
2024-06-19    Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
In order to promote the 23rd National "Safety Production Month" deployment requirements, it is implemented,Realize the full coverage of safety education,June 18,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Headquarters organized a team driver to carry out traffic safety knowledge bc game casinobc game casino reviewbefore learning、Re -promotional activity,Further enhanced the driver's traffic safety awareness and driving skills,Ensure road traffic safety.

During learning activities,The responsible comrades of the group headquarters team introduced the importance and necessity of traffic safety to the drivers,Explanation of the harm and consequences of traffic violations,and revolved around the Group's newly formulated "Driver Civilization Code",Inherently explained the relevant behavioral regulations and etiquette specifications of safe bc game apkdriving in combination BC gamewith practical examples,Make the drivers deeply recognize the rules of traffic、The importance of safe driving and civilized driving,Help them better understand and master traffic safety knowledge and the relevant regulations of the group。
Everyone listens carefully,and combined with previous driving experience to exchange experience and experience of safe driving and civilized driving,One after another,Through this training,More deeply understanding that civilized driving is not only a guarantee for the safety of yourself and others,BC gameIt is an important manifestation bc game casino reviewof corporate image。In the future work, we must consciously abide by traffic rules,While driving safely,Actively spread civilized traffic knowledge,Maintain a good road traffic order。

The person in charge of the group headquarters team said,They will take this event as an opportunity,Further strengthen the driver's safe driving training,Constantly improving the overall quality of the fleet driver,To achieve emergency emergency response,Make the group team really become safe operation、Service High -quality、Ping An Team with high bc game casino reviewprofessional literacy,bc game apkContributing to the Group's high -quality development and social traffic safety contribution。
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