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Longjiang Mori Gong Group: Solid the deployment of "Safety Production Month" in 2024
2024-05-24    Yang Hongyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
      June this year is the 23rd national "Safety Production Month"。According to the work requirements of the Provincial Security Commission Office,Longjiang Mori Group issued a plan a few days ago,Decided to carry out the 2024 "Safety Production Month" activity from June 1st to 30th,Continue to firmly firmly firmly red line consciousness,Continuously promoting the survival of the safety production and disaster prevention bc game casinoand mitigation of forest areas to develop well。
      This year's "Safety Production Month" event is "everyone talks about safety、Each Emergency -Fresh Life Channel "as the theme,Carry out a series of online and offline propaganda activities through solidity,Further strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise,Promoting the "Three -year Action of the Turbish Tackling of the Book of Turbish" in depth in depth,Effectively improve the safety awareness of employees and masses in the forest area and the ability to escape risk escape。
      Plan pointed out,To propagate and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety production,The essence of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important BC Game appexposition on production safety,Really integrate safety concepts into the entire process of production and operation activities,Practice the prevention measures through all aspects of production operations,Put the safety responsibility to each person,Efforts to achieve essential security。We must seriously do a good job of publicity and drills for the "Unblocked Life Channel",Make full use of poster anime、Short video and other diversified forms,Expand the propaganda surface of the "Unblocked Life Channel"、Influence; it is necessary to jointly organize emergency evacuation drills that simulate fire and earthquake scenes,Highlight the key role of life channels in the hedging escape and emergency rescue,Enhance the public bc game casinoability of public response to emergencies。
      "Plan" emphasized,To organize the "Safety Publicity Consultation Day" activity,By concentrated publicity、Innovation Online Popular Science Publicity、On -site reminder and other methods to publicize and explain the common sense of prevention of security precautions,Efforts to improve the safety quality of employees and masses in the forest area and the overall safety level of society in the forest area。We must continue to promote the promotion of safe production "five advances" and "five publicity",Actively participate in the "Unblocked Life Channel" series of evacuation escape exercises、"Relief Escape Training Camp" and "Heroes of Life in the Criminal Moment" Emergency bc game casino reviewScience Popularity Fun、related activities organized by the provincial organization,Constantly improving public risk prevention、Safety emergency consciousness and self -rescue and mutual rescue ability,Create a strong security atmosphere。
      "Plan" at the same time to strengthen organizational leadership、Create a strong atmosphere、Strengthening information submission and other tasks propose specific requirements。
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