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[Minsheng Building Enterprise] Linkou、Tokyo City: Patriotic Health Meets Spring in Spring Working together to build hugs of health
2024-04-18    Chen Kunlong Yuan Qingling    Linkou, Tokyo City Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.
  April this year is the 36th patriotic health month in the country,Come on for even day,Linkou、Tokyo City Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. organized cadres and employees to carry out environmental sanitation cleanup and rectification activities。

 The theme of "Patriotic Health Meets in Spring in Spring and Embrace Health",Organizational bc game casinocadres and employees、Residents of the masses carefully carry out environmental sanitation cleaning and rectification activities,Education guides residents of forest areas to continuously improve the consciousness of environmental sanitation protection,Building shared a civilized home。

   In the event,Cadres and employees of all units of Linkou Bureau、Volunteers have taken the streets,Work together to work in the office of the district、Public area、garbage on the main streets、Miscellaneous objects for comprehensive cleanup,Realize the hygiene of the office area "three、Sanjing、Three None "、The "Five Placement of Hygiene" in the field area、The residential district health bc game apk"Liuhua, One Link, One Clear"、The standard of "eight no" in courtyard hygiene。At the same time,Hanging publicity slogans in densely crowded public places、Update health education promotional column,Popularized health knowledge in the forest area,Promote civilized, healthy green environmental protection lifestyle,Guide everyone to speak civilization、Saying hygiene、Change the bad habit、Tree fresh wind,Create a beautiful and livable healthy home。

  "Many volunteers often see many volunteers issuing patriotic health sports leaflets、Cleaning environmental hygiene,Still in the promotional column、I saw a lot of publicity content about BC Game appthe patriotic health movement on the mobile phone。"The resident Fang Auntie, who is bent, said,Now their old sisters go out to see garbage every day,I will also pick it up and throw it into the trash can,Civilized homeland needs everyone to build together。

  In Tokyo City Bureau Company,More than 260 cadres and employees from the organs take the streets,Clean up the garbage in each subcontracting area carefully、dead leaves,Everyone holds the garbage clip、broom、Waste bags and other tools,From the main street、Green Belt、Pick out a cigarette butt in the botanical garden、Leaf、Paper Dandruff and other debris,Thoroughly clean up the garbage on both sides of the road,BC gameDiscover one place、Clean up a place、Do not let go of any dead corner。

   Zhang Rui, deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the Tokyo Urban Bureau Company, introduced,This time BC Game appthe patriotic health movement has accumulated 2,100 people,More than 60 transport tools,Effectively promoted the construction of the forest area and the file、Environmental improvement and upgrade。

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