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[Ecological Enterprise Enterprise] Eight -sides: Deepen the joint prevention and control cross -regional fireproof capacity and then improve
2024-04-12    Wei Yingxu    Eight Face Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

To further improve the ability of cross -regional forest fire prevention joint prevention and control capabilities,Recent,Eight -Face Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. and Mu Emperor City launched the spring forest fire prevention joint prevention joint bc game casinocontrol operation,Fully promote the forest fire prevention joint prevention joint control mechanism to go deeply,Ensure forest resources safety in the forest area。


According to "Prevention -based,Holding responsibility,joint defense and joint management,Inspection Inspection "Mori Defense Union and Control Work Principles,Eight -Face Tong Bureau Company and Mu Emperor City around Mori Defense、Strengthen patrol、Fire source management and control,jointly signed the "Forest Fire Fighting Agreement",Prevention warning、Emergency disposal support mutual support、bc game apkCooperate with each other、Reinforcement of each other,Work together to build forests and fire -extinguishing safety defense lines。

To implement the joint defense and control mechanism,Villagers are adjacent to the eight -faced forest districts in Muqing City.,Do a good job in forest fire prevention propaganda guidance、Patrol prevention and control、Fire Monitoring、Joint Emergency and Fire Fire。Eight -Face Tong Bureau Company also raised funds,I bought a lighter for the villagers' obligations、Firefire and other equipment,Further deepen the adjacent forest area、Communication bc game apkand collaboration between town and villages,Lay a solid foundation for the full victory of the forest fire prevention work this year。


Both parties agree,The development of joint defense and joint control operation further focused on the source control and control,Breaking through the bottleneck shortcoming、The concept of the integration of fire and fire and fire and fire、A perfect mechanism for the fire of the fire and the experience exchange,Created a fire -resistant atmosphere for the whole people。Next step,Both parties will adhere to the normalization of cooperation、Communication and coordination BC Game appnormalization、Normalization of joint meetings,Ensure that major forest fire accidents occur in neighboring areas in both parties,Fully guarantee the safety of forest resources and the lives of the people's lives and property。

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