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【Ecological Enterprise】 Longjiang Mori Gong Group: Weaving a dense fireproof barrier to protect the green mountains and green mountains
2024-03-18    Wang Tianchi    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

  "Stepping all over the sea,Watching Mori Gong Mountain,Dedication cast loyalty and bile,Yongyi forged a strong iron shoulder ... "With the coming of the spring fire period,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District once once again sang the firm and heroic "Song of the Mori Defense Member"。

  On the training field,Multiple subjects took turns to "refine" the physical fitness of the Mori Iron Army; in the conference room,Forest Fire Fire Special Business Training "Supply" Forest Defense Business Knowledge for everyone; vast forest and sea,Staff is hurrying to complete the new construction、Reconciliation、Preliminary preparations such as restoring the preliminary design of fire emergency roads ...

  2024,Longjiang Mori Gong Group takes the "Ecological Construction Enhancement Year" as the starting point,Highlighting the construction of the "Forest Anti -Army" of Longjiang Forest Workers,Efforts to build a new look through the team、New improvement in technical prevention protection、New breakthroughs in infrastructure,Weaving a fireproof barrier,Guarding Green Water Qingshan。


Forest Fire Propaganda first

Fire Propaganda Flag of Fire Fire in the streets,"Fire Tiger Wellway" electronic propaganda rod started on time,Firefire appearing at the entrance and exit of the mountains ... Reporters saw from the fire command platform of Longjiang Mori Gong Group,March BC Game app15th enter the spring forest fire prevention period,The fire atmosphere in the forest area has been full。

Forest Defense Work is a long -lasting battle,We must continue to work hard,Jiu Jiu is a merit。Longjiang Mori Gong Group requires all parts of the forest area,To make a big momentum、Carry out the "Seven Entry and Seven You" activities for high density,Fire prevention order、WeChat、Douyin and other methods,Communication of Forest Defense Information to employees and masses、Popular science common sense,Ensure that missionary to the household、to people,Effectively build the forest fire prevention "safety wall"。


At 7:30 am on March 15th,Longjiang Mori Gong Group broadcasts the original video animation of "Forest Fire Top Ten Inconsistent" through the video number,Open the "first wave" of fire prevention promotion this spring。Subsequent,Matrix -type publicity is spread between the new media accounts of the units in the Longjiang Forest Forest District and the forestry people。

In 2022, the staff of the Hua Nan bureau company who specifically registered the Douyin account to promote forest fire prevention told reporters,They want to use their own original videos,Let everyone know the forest fire prevention work,Understand the current equipment in the forest area、Training and the daily life of fireproof people in the forest area,At present, everyone likes,The highest reading volume can reach 149,000 times,Generally there are thousands of times。

Zhang Fireproof Order、Use the Internet to promote、Issuing the leaflet、Oral dissemination ... There are many ways to promote fire prevention knowledge。Dou Lianjiang, Minister of Forest Fire Department, who has launched 4 years of "5 · 6" fire alarm signature activity for 4 years,This year they will continue to carry out this activity,Let bc game apkeveryone at the important time node,Further strengthening fire awareness。

The staff of the Fire Department of Longjiang Senong Group also said,2023,The 23 drone application squadron formed by the group can also play a role in the forest fire prevention propaganda of this spring,All units are using the flexible advantage of drones,Operating its flying into the mountain forest、Patrol of the scenic spot,and pass the machine -carried calligators,Propaganda forest fire prevention policy and regulations、persuade civilization sacrifice,Stop persuasion of the illegal regulations discovered by fire,Fully improves forest fire prevention monitoring and control ability,Further guarantee the safety of life and property of the people in the area under the jurisdiction。

Hardware to improve the ability

Relatively convenient transportation,For the forest fire extinguishing "early、Playing a small、Hit "is very important。

2024,Longjiang Mori Gong Group approves 24 fire prevention emergency road construction national debt funds project,Total investment of 6.084 billion yuan,involved 320 forestry venues in 19 forestry bureaus (office),Plan newly built、Rebcing fire prevention emergency road 10866 km。

The staff of the major project construction headquarters of Longjiang Senong Group told reporters,After the project is completed, it will increase the density of the road network of Longjiang Mori Gonglin District from the existing 2.4 meters/hectares to 3.1 meters/hectares,increased by nearly 30%year -on -year。

Current,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District Fire Emergency Road Construction Project Feasibility Research Report and preliminary design has been approved,Various procedures are promoting early and orderly in accordance with the established plan。Group has mobilized all technical strength,overcome difficulties bc game casinosuch as the severe cold climate and heavy snow sealed mountains,Organize personnel to enter the mountain,Cracking ice and snow to carry out foreign industry surveys,And with modern technical forces such as drone, mapping and mapping, improve work efficiency,All management and guarantee work is also ready,Strive to start in spring,Completed at the end of the year。


It is also full of expectations for employees and masses in the forest fire roads that are about to be woven.,They have said: "Motorcycles are not easy to enter during some places for patrol now,You must walk,After the traffic network is fine, the forest protection fire will be more convenient。”

Take the Mori Defense Infrastructure as the fundamental plan、Longjiang Mori Gong Group, who is long -term plan, also plans to find a position,Seize opportunities,Actively strive for,Further supplement Qilin District Road Network、Team Equipment、Digital communication and other shortcomings。

New quality Focus on technical defense

"Hello,Enter the Suiyang Forest District, please scan the fire code registration,It is strictly forbidden to bring fire to the mountains,It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the wild、Burn incense on the grave、Burn paper、Putting firecrackers and other fires,Your behavior will be monitored throughout the process ... "2023,This is independently developed by Suiyang Bureau,If there are people or vehicles walking at the 50 -meter -wide range in front of the induction probe, the system will automatically start the red and blue police light flash warning,Play the "smart bayonet" device of the forest fire prevention police voice,It was promoted and used in 458 areas in Mori Gonglin District, Longjiang。


Just after the Spring Festival this year,New Wind Wind Destroyer developed by Tokyo City Forestry Machinery Co., Ltd. and BC Game appHarbin Institute of Technology,6mf-20-46 Range Die Differential,His horsepower has entered the production state,At present, 2300 units are completed by modular production。

Fan Yanzhi, Executive Director of Tokyo City Forestry Machinery Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Province, told reporters: "At present, many indicators we produce have reached international advanced levels,We are planning to be sold in the forest area for sales,High -quality、High cost performance selling points,Actively expand the external market。”


According to the "timetable" of the construction of Smart Forest Workers,In the first half of this year,Longjiang Mori Gonglin District will continue to improve the construction of the Mori Defense Command Center and the Ecological Schedule Command Center,and realize the linkage group network with the group headquarters in the second half of the year。

Under the depiction of the forest fire prevention department of Longjiang Mori Gong Group,The future forest area will increase satellite phone、Tiantong Cat、Digital walkie -talkie、Digital relay platform and other communication equipment,Reduce the blind area of ​​communication,Improve communication ability,Actively explore mechanization、Informatization、Intelligent fire extinguishing technology and Forest Defense Work,Promote the generation and development of "new quality combat power"。

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